Full of Faults: Cadillac's Allante

Serena Aburahma
· 4 min read
isn't just one of the most famous luxury car brands on the market. It also has a history of creating several classic models, like
the technologically advanced Seville sedan
. The iconic Ecto-1 from the original Ghostbusters film was actually
based on a Cadillac ambulance
, beautifully restored for the newest installment.
Cadillac didn't always enjoy such recognition and success, especially in its early days. The Cadillac Allante, built in 1987, proved that the automaker could not be discouraged by low sales and a hectic market. Even so, why doesn't this model get more attention from the classic car collector audience?
While Cadillac has some noteworthy luxury classics, some of their vehicles just don’t quite meet the standards people expect from the brand.

Specs and unique features of the Cadillac Allante

To keep up with its exotic rivals, Cadillac wanted to make a sporty roadster equipped with the latest technology.
says that GM partnered with Pininfarina, a company famous for supplying Ferrari parts, to produce the body. It also got Corvette-style rear leaf springs, high-performance tires, and a completely digital dashboard.
When it was first released, the Allante was powered by a 170-horsepower V8, capable of reaching 60 mph in ten seconds. Its FWD, standard four-wheel disc brakes, and electronically-controlled automatic transmission gave it some great handling abilities.
The Cadillac Allante came standard with a manual-folding hardtop, a retractable cellphone antenna, and even an optional cellular phone inside the car.  It retailed for a whopping $54,700, which would equal over $133,000 today. In 1989, the car was made faster with a 200-horsepower V8 that could hit 60 mph in under 8.5 seconds.
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Some flaws made this car unpopular

The Cadillac Allante is infamous for having an extremely convoluted manufacturing process.
The bodies had to be painstakingly loaded onto European planes, transferred to Detroit planes, and then eventually hauled to the actual plants. It was incredibly expensive and time-consuming due to the limited capacity of storage space on the planes.
Despite its promising specs, the first Cadillac Allante examples were still
slower than many rival vehicles.
There were also quality issues with the bodywork on the initial models, plus a faulty soft top and uncomfortable seats. Many drivers also found the controls too confusing to operate.
To their credit, the design team took every criticism to heart and worked tirelessly to make improvements. However, that wasn't enough for the head executives at GM. They initially wanted to redesign the car, giving it a power-folding top and several new tech features.
Ultimately, they didn't feel comfortable making such a risky investment on a car that had already failed to meet expectations. The Cadillac Allante was officially discontinued in 1993.

Why we can't forget the classic Cadillac Allante

At the time of its demise, the Cadillac Allante was powered by Cadillac's new 290-horsepower Northstar V8.
It also received a new transmission, speed-sensitive steering, traction control, and an optimized road-sensing suspension. Despite its rough start, it was now fully capable of being a solid competitor to any Benz or Beemer.
The Cadillac Allante also showcased a lot of tech that was ahead of its time, complemented by a beautiful exterior. Only around 21,000 models were produced, making it a rare piece of Cadillac's history.
Despite that, Hagerty says you can own an Allante for only $9,900 on average!

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