Collisions With Deer Are Decreasing in Many States Thanks to a Surprising Predator

Marcie Pate
· 3 min read
Most people have either
hit a deer
with their vehicles themselves, or know someone who has. In any case, hitting a deer can cause a lot of damage to your vehicle. Fortunately, deer collisions appear to be decreasing as one of their predator's populations begins to recover.
Although your chances of hitting a deer may have decreased slightly because of this natural change, it's always important to make sure you're covered by
car insurance
Collisions with deer can be dangerous and costly | Twenty20

The presence of wolves impacts the way deers behave

Most people don't think of wolves as inherently beneficial creatures, especially when it comes to reducing car accidents. However, the presence of wolves in a county can reduce deer-vehicle collisions by about 24%, according to
Insurance Journal
This may seem like good news with a brutal trade-off, but the reduction in crashes isn't just because the wolves eat deer. Wolves commonly use roads and streams to hunt for deer. Once deer learn that these paths are dangerous, they begin to steer clear of roads, highways, and other risky areas.
Gray wolves have been considered an endangered species in North America since 1973. Their population levels have slowly begun to recover thanks to widespread conservation efforts by various agencies and teams.
Gray wolves play a vital role in keeping the environment healthy by ensuring that deer and elk populations don't get too out of hand. This has a tremendously positive impact on wild plants and biodiversity, according to
Defenders of Wildlife
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Deer collisions are financially costly

with a deer is not only a safety risk, but it can also cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs. According to a report from the
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
, the average cost for repairs following an animal strike was just over $2,700.
The highest costs come from a strike that involves the front of the vehicle, and this makes up 87% of animal-strike claims. Of course, it helps to drive cautiously, especially in areas with dense deer populations, but it's impossible to anticipate deer collisions every time.
Insurance Journal reported that vehicle collisions with deer cost the U.S. Department of Transportation more than $8 billion each year. It's best to plan ahead and get
comprehensive coverage
which will likely protect you in case you accidentally hit a deer.

Car insurance can protect you from unexpected accidents

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