Cities in Virginia Have Some of the Most Affordable Used Cars

Serena Aburahma
· 4 min read
The single cheapest place to buy a
used car
in the U.S. is Norfolk, Virginia, along with its sister cities Portsmouth and Newport News.
Right now, the cost of both new and used cars is rising due to a combination of post-COVID economic factors. The microchip shortage, the truck driver shortage, the recent hurricane disaster, and the general economic crunch of the market contracting and expanding again.
All these elements have
sent used car prices up
into new car prices, and many car buyers are looking for an opportunity to pay a little less on their next personal vehicle.
If you're wondering where you can go to get a good used car price, the answer is Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Newport News, Virginia.
Why do these three Virginia cities, located in the fourth most affordable state for buying used cars, top the charts? As it turns out, it's mostly a matter of preference and circumstance rather than a great economic secret.
With the price of used cars increasing, if you live near one of these cities in Virginia, you might want to consider buying a car from there.

The best used car prices are in three Virginia cities

Norfolk, VA is an expansive port city known for its naval base and the location of the Battleship Wisconsin floating museum "The Big Whisky."
Across the Elizabeth River is Portsmouth, named for its similar access to the Chesapeake Bay ports. Just north across the James River stretch of Chesapeake Bay is Newport News, along the western side of the extending peninsula.
These three cities together share an economic and highway ecosystem that links them in tying for first place as the most affordable city to buy a used car in.
This region of Virginia is mostly flat with mild weather. The road system easily overcomes local terrain challenges and in the multi-city compound, locals rarely need to venture into rough or rocky terrain.
This area of Virginia is not mountainous and averages only 5 inches of snow per year. This winds up playing a role in the average price of used cars in Norfolk, VA.
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Which other cities have affordable used car prices?

Tying for second place, are two runners up from Connecticut, the third most affordable state for used cars. Hartford and New Haven, CT both have the second most affordable used cars after Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Newport News, VA.
According to
, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland are all cities that also have lower than average used car prices. This lines up closely with what we would expect, considering that Indiana and Ohio are the two most affordable used car states in the U.S.

What makes pre-owned cars more affordable in Virginia?

So why are used cars in Virginia so much more affordable, especially in those three linked cities? In this case, the deciding factor is car selection. Virginia is one of the few states (8/50) that prefer cars to SUVs and trucks as primary personal vehicles.
The mild climate, urbanized traffic design, and well-maintained roads make it possible to commute daily without the need for all-wheel drive and extra cargo space.
Flat roads, moderate weather, and mild winters appear to play a major role in the affordability of the average used car. With this type of weather more modest passenger cars like sedans, hatchbacks, and wagons are being bought, sold, and resold at a lower average price.
If you are looking for an affordable used car, pay attention to costs across state lines—and why those statistics may be lower.
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