Chevy Colorado vs Silverado: What You Need To Know

Jason Crosby
· 4 min read
If you’re looking for the key differences between
midsize and full-size pickups, we have the answers. In the Chevy Colorado vs. Silverado debate, the decision may swing slightly in favor of the Silverado.
Though the Colorado is a venerable pickup, its smaller dimensions somehow leave it falling behind in terms of fuel economy, and cabin noise, a less forgiving suspension, and low customer satisfaction rating could leave customers pining for the Silverado, especially with its economical 6-cylinder diesel option. 
Can you really go wrong deciding between the Chevy Colorado and Silverado?

Chevy Colorado vs. Silverado: The Colorado’s specs

For consumers who are looking for a more affordable option, the Colorado is the clear winner in
Consumer Reports’
Chevy Colorado vs. Silverado matchup. The Colorado sports:
  • An attractive base price of $29,400, with the deluxe trim package running $44,200
  • An overall Consumer Reports score of 45, somewhat low for a new vehicle but on par with the Silverado 
  • A V-6 engine with an 8-speed automatic transmission
  • A city mileage rating of 13 mpg, and 26 mpg on the highway, with an overall, if
    unimpressive combined rating
    of 18 mpg
The Colorado’s owner satisfaction rating is alarmingly low, at 1 out 5. But, it has a marginally higher reliability ranking, changing the Chevy Colorado vs. Silverado competition slightly (2 out of 5, compared with 1 out of 5 for the Silverado).
Owner satisfaction is usually a good indication of what the frequency of repairs and driving experience will be like.
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The Silverado’s impressive fuel economy and owner satisfaction

Though larger and more expensive, the Silverado 1500 drives circles around the Colorado in several key areas. If you’re still making up your mind, here’s more of a breakdown to help end the  Chevy Colorado vs. Silverado debate. In comparison, the Silverado has:
  • A base price of $30,400 and a deluxe trim option topping out at $58,500
  • A somewhat low Consumer Reports rating of 46, barely better than the Colorado 
  • A 6-cylinder
    diesel engine
    paired with an 8-speed automatic (which vastly improves fuel economy)
  • A city mileage rating of 16 mpg, and a wallet-saving highway rating of 32 mpg, averaging out to 23 mpg, combined.
Unlike the smaller Colorado, the Silverado has an owner satisfaction rating of 3 out 5. Not perfect or exemplary, but this provides some objective insight into what your driving experience will be.
Though more expensive, and with a slightly larger chassis, the Silverado clearly outranks the Colorado in terms of fuel economy, and Consumer Reports found that Silverado also leads the comparison with a smoother ride and quieter cabin.

Chevy Colorado vs. Silverado: competition decided by towing capacity? 

Pickups are made for work, and that is largely determined by a truck’s towing capacity. And compared with the Silverado’s ability to tow up to 13,400 lb., nearly double the Colorado’s 7,000 lb towing capacity.
With this in mind, it’s clear that the Colorado vs. Silverado debate will be decided by the potential owner’s plans—what the vehicle will be used for.
For those who want a workhorse with excellent fuel economy and an impressive towing capacity, choose the Silverado. Though it has a higher price tag, you could end up saving an extra $330 on fuel annually, when compared with the Colorado. The base model Silverado could be the best option between these vehicles: affordable, and fuel-conscious.
But for potential buyers who are interested in a midsized pickup, want trim options that won’t cost so much, and who don’t need to tow large loads, the Colorado may be appealing. In the Colorado vs. Silverado debate, the final word is best left up to the owner’s intentions for their new pickup.

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