Which Car Is the Fastest Maserati Ever Created?

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Carlos Kirby
Updated on Apr 27, 2022 · 3 min read
The dream of wind in your hair as you speed down the road going over 200mph is the
luxury car
lover’s dream. 
Which is the fastest
that speed lovers can dream about driving? Jerry has the specs on the
fastest Maserati model
ever made and its runner-ups.
The Maserait MC12 is the fastest Maserati ever created.

The fastest Maserati: The MC12 Stradale

If speed is your game, you can go no faster than the Maserati MC12 Stradale. Clocked at 205mph, the MC12 has claimed the position as one of the fastest road cars ever made. 
According to the
website, the calculations make the Maserati's speed nearly a third of the speed of sound.
The MC12 Stradale is also reported to be first in the Most Powerful Maseratis Ever list by
. Maserati makes models that are capable of running the roads, but their specialty is international GT racing, and the GT1 is the race car to beat!

What makes the Stradale the fastest?

With an acceleration from standstill to 200km/h under 10 seconds and a top speed of 330km/h, there is no doubt how quickly the MC12 will be able to get your adrenalin pumping.
What is in the MC12
that makes it run so fast?
The sleek exterior and low ground clearance aren't the only things that help the MC12 perform the fastest. Add the head-spinning looks to the sound of the engine rumbling, and you have the aesthetics of a race car rolling down the road. Even
Formula One racing is trying to build a car
that might be able to beat the Maserati.
The MC12 sports a chassis that comprises stress-bearing, carbon fiber, and Nomex honeycomb sandwich monocoque with a front and rear aluminum subframe. The two-seater is lighter than most mid-engine coupes at 1335kg.
The engine has 630hp and a peak power of over 7,500rpm. The beast of a V12 with a double overhead camshaft and a dry-sump will blow by the competition. However, it might just slip through the fingers of those who desire it, as there have only been 50 in production.
Don't plan on running a road trip in this monster though, as it only gets about 12.2mpg. Maseratis are built for the track, speed is the name of the game. However, there is more competition for the fastest Maserati out there.

Competition for the fastest Maserati

Only two miles per hour separates first place from second place when it comes to the top speed of the Maserati line. Two of the top-speed Maserati cars tie for second place, increasing the desire for one of the three top-speed cars Maserati can produce.
Second place is awarded to the Maserati Quattroporte Trofeo and the Maserati Ghibli Trofeo. Both have the ability to reach 203mph. As the two Quattroporte Trofeos tie for second, they dominate the third slot as well.
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