Buying Car Insurance Isn't as Easy for Some Celebrities

Daniel Rooney
· 3 min read
The saying about how there’s a price that comes with fame doesn’t usually refer to the costs of
car insurance
. It’s still mandatory for celebrities to have
minimum car coverage
even if they’re famous. But for celebrities with luxurious supercars, it’s hard to find accurate insurance rates online.
Celebrities often face challenges getting their vehicles insured, and once they find coverage, it usually isn't cheap. As reported by
, celebrities may have to pay significantly higher premiums than most drivers on the road.
Expensive cars cost a lot more to insure | Twenty20

Why is car insurance more expensive for celebrities?

Car insurance companies will charge higher premiums depending on your driver risk and potential costs to repair your car. As a result, rare and expensive cars that celebrities typically drive can be very costly to insure.
As mentions, Lindsay Lohan owns a Mercedes SL65 convertible which would cost more than $3,500 to insure per year. That’s more than double the
average cost of car insurance
at around $1,133.
Celebrities may also have valuable modifications on their cars, and things like theft could mean significant losses. If you’re a high-risk driver, you’ll have to pay even more for car insurance. Some celebrities have a repeated history of
and accidents, and they are too risky for most auto insurance companies to cover.
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What car insurance companies do celebrities use?

As noted by, celebrities probably get their auto insurance from high-end companies that are targeted towards wealthier clients. Two of the most popular insurance companies that offer coverage on exotic cars are Grundy Insurance Company and Hagerty Insurance.
Celebrities might not be able to get coverage from traditional companies like GEICO or Allstate. Some of these companies turn away high-risk drivers, and they might not have coverage that works for expensive or rare cars.
High-end insurance companies make it easier for celebrities to process claims, but they'll be paying a lot more than the average driver for car insurance. If you can afford to spend hundreds of thousands on a car, you can probably afford the security, maintenance, and insurance costs.

What kind of coverage do celebrities need?

Once a celebrity has found an insurance company willing to take them on, their insurance policy will likely include common types of coverage like
. They might also have customized policies for their specific vehicle. That’s where it’ll help for them to sign up with a company that specializes in insuring expensive cars.
You probably don’t have to pay more than $3,000 for car insurance as a regular person, but you still don’t want to overpay.
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