Battery Range for Electric Vehicles Could Surpass 600 miles, Thanks to This Automaker

Andrew Koole
· 4 min read
Electric cars
are the future. Automakers add more EVs to their lineups every year. State and
federal governments
are preparing for the transition. A full transition is just a matter of time.
But that doesn’t mean we’re ready to make the switch today. Key obstacles like battery range are still holding up progress. While most new gas-powered vehicles can travel 500-700 miles on one tank, most electric cars are lucky to reach half of that on a full charge.
is about to change all that. The company’s new EV prototype, the EQXX, promises a range of 620 miles. News on when the car will be available this side of the Atlantic remains unclear, but the car’s release should push other automakers to improve the range of their own models.
Electric vehicles are slowly increasing in range.

What do we know about the Mercedes EQXX?

Mercedes-Benz announced the coming long-range EV in mid-July. The company claims that the EQXX’s energy-dense battery and aerodynamic shape will enable it to reach its industry-leading range.
Mercedes set a high bar for the EQXX. To achieve the range the company claims, the car will need to achieve about 200 MPGe.
Car and Driver
says that in order to achieve those numbers, the battery would need to be larger than the 100.0-kWh available in new Tesla models.
Details on the EQXX’s design are limited, but it’s expected to be extremely aerodynamic and have very little road clearance in order to maximize efficiency.
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The mile range of other electric cars

Mercedes’s 620-mile goal adds almost 100 miles of range to the current leading models. The company’s EQS apparently achieved a 435-mile range in its European testing cycle. It’s slated for U.S. sales ahead of the EQXX.
Among other automakers, only Tesla can claim to be in the same ballpark as Mercedes. Most of Tesla’s cars offer 326 to 373-mile ranges, but with the best battery currently on American roads, the Model S Long Range Plus offers an EPA-estimated range of 405 miles.
By the end of the year, Tesla’s 2021 Model S Plaid+ will also be available. Tesla claims it has an estimated range of more than 500 miles. You can already pre-order the Plaid+ for a whopping $140,000.
Besides Mercedes and Tesla, only Ford’s Mustang Mach-E can surpass the 300-mile cap on range. Most other 2021 EV models have mile ranges in the early- to mid-200s. An electric Mini Cooper can only achieve 110.

How to switch from a gas-powered car to an electric one

The extended ranges of EVs might’ve convinced you to make the switch yourself. If you want your next vehicle to run off battery power, there are a few things you should know first.
Besides the price tag at the dealership, EV drivers need to install a home charger, which
says will cost you between $1,000 and $10,000. You’ll also most likely have to rely on the dealership for maintenance and repairs, which can get expensive.
But there are ways to save money by going electric. Charging costs much less than filling up at the gas station, and while maintenance costs are higher, they tend to be needed less often for EVs than for internal combustion engines.
State and federal governments also offer tax incentives, and many car insurance companies offer discounts for electric car owners.
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