How Would ‘The Avengers’ Pay for Car Insurance?

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Ru Chen
Updated on Apr 27, 2022 · 3 min read
The Chitauri destroying New York City, that must have cost billions of dollars! When Thanos dusted half of the universe with ‘The Snap’, what about all those car accidents?
And if your truck got trashed because The Avengers went through a Civil War, what
is supposed to help you?
As the Avengers save the world, it’s up to car insurance brokers like
to figure out how to secure the best insurance for people living in a superpowered world. 
‘The Avengers’ would pay an arm and leg for car insurance.

The Avengers’ insurance would be through the roof

Comprehensive car insurance
covers most things that aren’t under other sorts of coverage options.
However, it is quite unlikely for Avengers-related damages to fall under comprehensive coverage.
Just imagine the premium rates the Avengers would have to pay. Even comprehensive coverage just doesn’t feel enough to cover potentially global—universal?—losses.
Plus, it’s not like supervillains like Loki would bother with car insurance. They’re hell-bent on revenge, or world domination, or something like that.
It doesn’t seem fair for The Avengers to be covering insurance costs for the villains. Even as wealthy as Tony Stark is.
There is probably a special policy insurance companies would come up with. A whole thousand-page tome of policies, in all likelihood.
For example, if Hulk is involved? Insurers probably do not want to cover anything. So that these insurers can avoid going bankrupt trying to cover superpower-related incidents.
Insurance is a mostly glossed-over problem in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
In the comics, there are brief mentions of the Superhero Insurance private corp and Damage Control, but they don’t seem to be present in the MCU.

Calculating car insurance rates in a world with supervillains

It’s really not an ideal situation if you live somewhere superheroes and villains dwell. Marvel’s NYC, DC’s Gotham, you know the drill. 
Law and the Multiverse
points out, every other month there are alien invasions or monsters destroying entire blocks.
When cars go boom, it’s probably because someone decided to blow up an entire street with a robot death army. If you live in a place like Marvel’s NYC, insurance rates are probably sky high.
The Avengers are likely to have a special insurance contract with the government.
Any damages they might cause while saving the world would be partially covered by the government (read: SHIELD), but they would have to pay a very costly premium.
Although, it’s far more likely SHIELD would want payment in the form of favors from the Avengers, and not premiums.
If you live in the Marvel Universe, perhaps it’s best to get some expert help to see how you can personally protect your finances. 

How to get car insurance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe 

If you’re the assistant for superheroes (or supervillains!), it’s probably painful to see them destroy so many expensive cars. Because it’s true. They only ever seem to drive the most luxurious and expensive sports cars. 
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