4 Weirdest Things People Have Actually Insured

Lisa Steuer McArdle
Updated on Apr 27, 2022 · 3 min read
When it comes to getting insured, we usually think that includes just the basics we’re all familiar with—like home and
car insurance
And while those are the major ways that people get insured, there actually are many _other _things that you can get
covered under a policy
. Some of these options are pretty surprising when you first read about them, but a few of them actually do make sense
Here are four of the most interesting things
found that people have insured.

Fantasy football insurance is a thing?

For those who play fantasy football, an injury to an important player can have devastating consequences, especially if money is involved. Rotosurance is a company that protects fantasy and sports investments by insuring players through a one-time premium fee.
If that player is injured and meets other conditions depending on the sport, you could be eligible to receive back your entry fee and other expenses.
According to the company, the average fantasy sports player spends $653, so this type of insurance may actually be beneficial to those who take their sports betting seriously.

Protecting against food poisoning

Special event insurance is not uncommon for big parties like weddings. But did you know that it’s also possible to insure against things that could happen at events in your own home? One example, surprisingly, is events that you host at your home, like a dinner or barbecue, where food poisoning can be a risk.
In fact, many homeowner insurance policies actually provide up to $1,000 per guest for medical expenses. So you may actually already have his type of coverage under your home insurance policy—or you can buy extra coverage.

A $370,000 mustache

People with certain talents have been known to insure something related to their career—for instance, a singer insuring his or her voice, or a professional athlete insuring themselves against injury.
But definitely one of the most unique things you might ever hear of someone getting insured is their mustache. But that’s what Yahoo! reports Australian cricket player Merv Hughes had insured—for approximately $370,000. He was said to have done this because his handlebar mustache is one of his signature attributes.

Insuring your whole identity

The idea of insuring your identity might sound a little funny at first. But these days, identity theft is a serious concern, as hackers are getting better at stealing your personal information to open credit cards in your name or withdraw money from your bank account.
However, it’s actually possible to protect yourself with companies like LifeLock. If you are a victim of identity theft and are a LifeLock customer, the company will reimburse stolen funds, compensate you for personal expenses, and even provide legal counsel to help you get your identity back.
LifeLock actually offers several different coverage plans—including plans with up to $25,000 stolen funds reimbursement, up to $100,000, and a third option—up to $1 million.

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