3 Clear Signs It’s Time To Move On From Your Old Car

Jane Lu
· 3 min read
If repairing your old car costs more than it’s worth, it’s rusting and falling apart, or unreliable even with frequent repairs, it’s time to replace it. These three signs mean that your old car is both unsafe to drive and expensive to maintain. The car insurance you pay on your old car might be even
more expensive
than the cost of replacement.
According to
Consumer Reports
, buying a reliable model from the get-go, and following your owner’s manual for maintenance and replacements will help your car last.
What should you look out for specifically about these three signs, so you know when to replace your old car?

High repair costs can be a death sentence for an old car

If your car needs a major repair after long-term or repeated damage, it might cost a hefty amount. This combined with the other two signs means you should move on from your old car.
However, if your car rarely breaks down on the road, you want to be careful about immediately buying a brand-new car. The anticipated repair costs might not outweigh the cost of replacement, and
premiums on high-value new vehicles
can be considerably higher.
You might be interested in a new car because it has innovative features and add-ins. But if your goal with a new car is to save money, think it through carefully. Before making the purchase, make sure to account for any hidden costs that will come with a new vehicle.
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Is it dangerous to drive a rusty car?

Rust is caused by the metal in your car mixing with oxygen and water. Rust can actually eat through metal if too much of it is left alone. Enough rust on a car can compromise the structural integrity of the vehicle and make it dangerous to drive.
Safety and reliability should be your main priority with any vehicle. Long-term or repeated damage to different parts of your car might have made it prone to breaking down.
Do simple routine checks and look out for strange noises or smells. When in doubt, bring it to a mechanic—it might save you from an expensive repair later.
Other things like the wrong type of fluids and cheap parts can do a lot of damage to your vehicle over time. Your owner’s manual tells you how to care for your car. Regular maintenance under these guidelines should help make sure your car doesn’t have extensive rust buildup.

If your old car is unreliable even with frequent repairs, let it go

You shouldn’t constantly be worried about your car breaking down. If you are doing everything you can to maintain your car but it feels unsafe to drive, it’s time to get a new car.
It’s simply dangerous to drive a vehicle that needs frequent repairs that you can’t trust to get you to your destination safely. If you don’t feel safe taking your car out to the road, you shouldn’t drive it.
It’s hard to move on from a car you love, and a new car might mean a bigger financial investment.
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