3 Reliable Sports Cars From the Past Few Years

Jane Lu
· 4 min read
If you’re thinking about buying a sports car, you probably picture a high-performance vehicle with sleek styling. But, you should also consider which ones may be more prone to
breaking down
on the road. These cars can also come with hefty repair bills and increased costs of
car insurance
You should match your passion for speed with practicality. That being said, there are several car manufacturers that make long-lasting sports cars. Here’s what impacts the longevity of your car and the most reliable sports cars from the past few years.
A great sports car has great performance but is also reliable

What affects the reliability of a car?

A reliable car stays in good working condition for a long period of time and has minimal problems. Most drivers expect to get at least
200,000 miles
from their car. A sound design and manufacturing process can make your car last longer.
When carmakers take a lot of time and money to produce a car and enhance its manufacturing line, the vehicle is usually more durable. Cars that are designed hastily and poorly constructed using low-quality materials have lower reliability.
The characteristics of the design team, such as their work ethic, could also determine the reliability of a brand and its cars.
embody the culture of "reliability over all," as reported by
The Drive
Lexus took an entire 15 years to create the perfect paint. Great customer service and providing additional extended warranties have also contributed to Japanese automakers’ reputation of reliability.
But once you buy a car, its reliability is mainly up to you. How long the car lasts will depend on whether you take care of it, perform routine maintenance, and drive safely. The climate in your town or state could also impact the car's construction if it's too extreme.
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The most reliable sports cars from the past five years

The Drive gave a detailed breakdown of the most reliable sports cars from the past five years. This includes the Mazda Miata, Audi TT, and BMW Z4.
Adored by enthusiasts and loved by millions, the
Miata isn’t a stranger to the limelight. Its long history of reliability has helped it score highly on
J.D. Power's
reliability rating for several years. There were very few complaints collected from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) about the Miata and none were reported so far this year or last year.
If you’re looking for an all-wheel-drive sports car with manual or double-clutch gearbox options, look no further than the
TT. The car features an available convertible as well as a five-cylinder turbo. Since 2017, the NHTSA has only recorded two complaints regarding the TT. The car is also rated highly by J.D. Power.
Z4 features the brand’s newest two-seater design. The Z4 gained a small cult-like following after debuting with the automaker's "The Hire" series which features Clive Owen.
The car has great reliability and has only received four complaints in the past five years.

How do you check if a sports car is reliable?

Before you buy a used sports car, you’ll want to inspect the car and find information about the car’s history. You’ll want to look out for these things:
  • Service records. This includes information on significant repairs and fluid flushes. A great deal should come with a service book full of receipts.
  • CarFax report. This tells you about any
    major repairs
    that the car has undergone, so you know what to expect for potential issues in the future.
  • Signs of rust. Rust can spread fast so consider calling the deal off if you notice even a small amount.
  • Extreme wear. Check the tires, transmission system, and how the suspension feels when you hit small bumps. Consider asking a trusted mechanic to check out the car for you as well.
A sports car could be a dream come true for all your car fantasies, or a nightmare that drains your wallet. That’s why it’s a good idea to do your research on which cars are the most reliable, and make sure you have adequate car insurance.
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