How Many Dogs Can You Have in Mississippi?

There is no state-wide limit to how many dogs you can own in Mississippi, but your local government may have its own regulations.
Written by Kara Vanderbeek
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
While there isn’t a statewide legal parameter in place for how many dogs you can own in
, there are rules regarding dog breeds, leash laws, and “dangerous dogs” at the local level. 
Perhaps your dog just had a litter of new pups and you’re wanting to keep them all—or you visited the animal shelter and just couldn’t say no to all the charming and adorable puppy-dog-eyes. In either case, you may be wondering: how many dogs is too many
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Does Mississippi have laws limiting how many dogs you can own?

There are no statewide laws limiting how many dogs a person can own in Mississippi. However, this doesn’t mean you can turn your home into a puppy shelter just yet. While the state doesn’t have specific regulations in place, each municipality or local government has its own set of rules regarding dog ownership.
To find out how many dogs you can legally own in your town, check with your local government. 

Are there any dog breeds outlawed in Mississippi?

Depending on where you live, certain dog breeds may be outlawed in your area. If there’s a particular pup you’re hoping to bring home with you, first
whether the specific breed is restricted in your city or municipality.
The most common dogs outlawed in parts of Mississippi include:
  • Pit bulls
  • Rottweilers
  • Doberman pinschers
  • German shepherds
  • Wolf-dog hybrids
Pit bulls are by far the most restricted, with 29 municipalities and counties in the state having restrictions on the breed (11 have banned the breed entirely).
Interestingly, that state does not outline any specific rules when it comes to “dangerous dogs,” and any control measures for dog bite-related issues are resolved at the municipal level. 

What are the leash laws in Mississippi?

No matter how strong you are, it can be nearly impossible to hold onto the leash of a strong dog when it catches sight of a rabbit, bird, or squirrel to chase. Nevertheless, when it comes to the law, the responsibility falls on you to ensure your animal is properly leashed.
Similar to how the Magnolia State delegates power to local governments for breed-specific rules, Mississippi’s leash laws vary by municipality. 
In Jackson County, for example, it is against the law for any dog to run at large in the streets, alleys, or public or private property unless restrained by a leash. To ensure you’re following the appropriate regulations in your area, check your local government’s leash laws.

Penalties for breaking dog laws in Mississippi

While the state delegates the control of dangerous animals to its municipalities, there are state-wide regulations when it comes to liability for injury or attacks resulting from a dangerous dog.
If an injured person can prove that an owner’s negligence caused the injury, they can recover damages from the owner. As such, there must be proof that:
  • The dog had exhibited dangerous behaviors prior to the attack
  • The owner was aware of the animal’s dangerous tendencies
  • The owner should have foreseen that the dog was likely to attack

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