How Many Dogs Can You Have in Kansas?

There are no state-wide laws limiting how many dogs you can own in Kansas. That said, some towns and counties have different requirements.
Written by Nick Kunze
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
Kansas does not have any state-wide laws regarding how many pets you can own. However, some towns and counties have their own laws regarding pet ownership.
If you’re a
dog owner, you want to know as much information as possible about owning a dog in your home state. There’s more than just the question of how many pets you can own—there are also leash laws, banned breeds, bite laws, and more.
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Does Kansas have laws limiting how many dogs you can own?

In the state of Kansas, there are zero state-wide limits on how many dogs you can own. However, many counties and towns have their own laws relating to dog ownership.
For example, the city of
Prairie Village
states that households can only have ‘a maximum of four pets with no more than three of one species (dog or cat).’ Or, in Edgerton, residents are limited to four dogs or cats. In
Overland Park
, you can only have two dogs at once, unless you’re willing to pay a fee of $100 with a $50 renewal fee a year.
To ensure you’re staying within the law, check with your local laws to see if they have any limits on how many dogs you can own. 

Are there any dog breeds outlawed in Kansas?

There are dog breeds outlawed in Kansas, but this is a town-by-town decision. 
The most common ban is for pit bulls—there are plenty of towns in Kansas where owning a pit bull is illegal, including
Blue Rapids
, and
. Other dog breeds banned in parts of Kansas include Doberman pinschers, rottweilers, and chow chows.
Some towns, like
, also decree the above breeds as ‘dangerous.’ This can lead to stricter legal punishments if there is a bite or special permits to own them. These towns don’t go so far as to ban them, however.
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What are the leash laws in Kansas?

There is no state-wide leash law in Kansas. You’ll need to refer to your hometown or county government to find out if there are any leash laws you’ll need to adhere to when taking your dog for a walk.
A few examples of leash laws in Kansas cities include:
  • In
    Overland Park
    , dogs must be leashed if not confined in a residence, backyard, or cage. Noncompliance can lead to a fine of $100.
  • In
    , dogs cannot roam free or move ‘at large’ throughout the city.  
Even if it isn’t legally required throughout Kansas, leashing your pet is usually a smart idea—it can protect your pooch, other animals, and the people around you. To find out more about your local laws, consult your city or town’s website to see when and where you need to leash up your pet.

Dog bite laws in Kansas

In many states, there is a specific breakdown of fault and liability after a dog biting incident involving another person or domesticated animal. That said, Kansas does not have any state-wide dog bite laws.
Kansas adheres to a common one bite rule, in which the owner is held liable if they knew the dog is prone to biting. To win a civil lawsuit, the bitten party must prove either that the dog owner knew the animal would bite or that the dog owner did not take appropriate steps to prevent the injuries. 

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