How Many Dogs Can You Have in Arkansas?

While it may be tempting to adopt every friendly, fuzzy face you see, Arkansas law places restrictions on the number of canines you can add to your clan.
Written by Kara Vanderbeek
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
Municipalities in
generally limit dog ownership to 4 dogs per home. However, limits vary by area, so there may be specific guidelines for you to follow depending on where you reside.
Although it may seem strange to place a limit on how many adorable pups we can bring into our homes, regulations are in place to ensure our Doodles and Dobermanns alike are getting the care they need. Before you start expanding your family of furry companions, you should be aware of the specific rules pertaining to dog ownership in the Wonder State. 
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Does Arkansas have laws limiting how many dogs you can own?

There are
limits to how many canines
you can call your own in Arkansas. However, these limits are contingent on the city or municipality within which you reside, so be sure to check out the specific laws in your area. 
To give you an idea of the types of restrictions you can expect, we’ll give you a breakdown of the dog-limiting laws in various cities:
  • For
    residents, the magic number is four. It is against the law to own, keep, or harbor
    more than 4 dogs
    (and/or cats) over the age of
    4 months
  • In
    , residents are permitted
    no more than 4 dogs, cats, wolves, wolf hybrids, or ferrets
    per household
  • Little Rock
    residents have a little more leeway and are permitted
    no more than 4 dogs and 4 cats
    per household unless the resident has a kennel permit
  • In
    , you can legally own 4 dogs. However, if your pups are
    less than 6 months old
    , you are allowed more. If they are older than 6 months, you will need a
    breeder’s license

Are there any dog breeds outlawed in Arkansas?

Arkansas has strict rules outlawing dog breeds, particularly
If you live in any of the following cities,
you cannot legally own a Pitbull
Arkansas does not have a dangerous dog statute
. However, if a dog bites another person, its owner must notify public health authorities immediately. 

What are the leash laws in Arkansas?

While there are
no statewide dog leash laws
in Arkansas, certain municipalities, such as
Little Rock
, have adopted basic leash laws. These laws require that dogs be
on a leash at all times
and that the
owner has control over the animal
while outside the home.
Under Arkansas law, municipalities also have the power to develop their own rules and regulations pertaining to:
  • Dogs that are a
    threat to public health
    (i.e. dogs running at large without a rabies vaccination)
  • Dogs that are an
    annoyance to animal control and animal shelters
  • Dogs that have
    injured people or other domestic animals

Penalties for breaking dog laws in Arkansas

Similar to dog leash regulations, Arkansas has
no statewide dog bite laws
. However, the state does have laws regarding vicious dog attacks, or “Unlawful Dog Attack” regulations.
An incident can be classified under this regulation if the attack:
  • Occurred with the knowledge that the dog was a danger to others (i.e. the attack was intentional)
  • Resulted in serious injury or death of the attacked person
The penalties for an incident of this nature would include a
Class A misdemeanor
, along with
compensation or restitution payments
to the attacked person. 
On the other hand, if an attack occurs without any prior incidents of dangerous behavior, Arkansas law would require the dog to be confined
by health authorities
and assessed for rabies. 
Keep in mind that it is against the law to
not inform health authorities
of dog bite incidents, for the owner to
sell the dog
after it has bitten a person, and for the dog to be
moved to another location
or disposed of before notifying health authorities. 

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