Cheapest car insurance in El Paso, Illinois (Jul 2024)

El Paso drivers pay an average of $37 per month for minimum coverage and $100 per month for full coverage—but the ones who comparison shop can pay even less.
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Jasmine Kanter
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Best car insurance companies in El Paso

Choosing the
best auto insurance company
in El Paso, IL, hinges on what you value the most, whether it's affordable rates, top-notch customer service, or efficient claims processing. Understanding your priorities is key to selecting the right coverage provider.
cheapest car insurance
provider in town also depends on who you are as a driver. Many rating factors shape your insurance costs, including your age, vehicle, and driving record. Even if they shared all three factors in common, two drivers probably wouldn’t get quoted the same price from
State Farm
in El Paso, IL.
can help simplify your search for the best and cheapest coverage. Our national shopping survey—which asked over 15,000 verified policyholders to rate their providers—revealed that the biggest names in the insurance industry don’t always have quality service or budget-friendly prices.
Not only that, but Jerry can also help you compare free quotes to identify the most affordable policy in El Paso. It takes less than a few minutes for the app to compare policy costs from over 55 top providers and show you the best local deals.
Take a look at the table below to get a clearer picture of how much it costs to insure your car with the highest-rated auto insurance providers in Illinois.
Insurance company
Monthly minimum coverage cost
Monthly full coverage cost
Cost rating
Jerry rating

How'd we get these scores?

Jerry's experts conducted one of the largest car insurance surveys in the United States. We surveyed 15,000 policyholders, in all 50 states, over the span of 18 months. These policyholders hold insurance policies with 87 different insurance companies. We surveyed policyholders to gauge their satisfaction with their insurance carriers in: policy cost, customer service, buying and renewal experience, as well as claim experience. These scores were all reported by real customers of the insurance companies.

Cheapest car insurance quotes in El Paso

With approximately 677,000 residents, El Paso is one of Texas' smaller cities—which lends itself to its lower than average car insurance rates.1
Auto insurance in El Paso averages $37 per month or $445 per year for minimum coverage and $100 per month or $1,209 per year for full coverage. Compared to the average cost of
Illinois car insurance
, El Paso drivers pay 8% less.
Coverage type
El Paso, IL
United States
State minimum
Full coverage
While the average rate in El Paso is relatively cheap, you can save even more by getting a quote from the Jerry insurance app. Signup takes less than 45 seconds and getting the best five to seven local offers takes less than a minute.

Best cheap auto insurance quotes in El Paso

To drive in El Paso, you must follow
Illinois’ car insurance laws
. This includes
liability car insurance
uninsured motorist/underinsured motorist
(UM/UIM) bodily injury coverage. While the minimum coverage is cheaper, it doesn't offer the comprehensive protection provided by full coverage car insurance. 
Jerry’s expert insurance agents recommend carrying a full coverage policy that includes at least 100/300/100 liability insurance. 

Cheap minimum liability insurance quotes in El Paso

Illinois’ minimum auto insurance requirements include both liability coverage and uninsured motorist / underinsured motorist bodily injury coverage (UM/UIM). The minimum coverage limits are typically written as 25/50/25 (plus 25/50). That equates to:
  • $25,000 of
    bodily injury liability
    coverage per person
  • $50,000 of bodily injury liability coverage per accident
  • $20,000 of
    property damage liability
    coverage per accident
  • $25,000 of UM/UIM bodily injury coverage per person
  • $50,000 of UM/UIM bodily injury coverage per accident2
Per an Illinois Supreme Court ruling in 2023, your UM/UIM coverage may also extend to hit-and-run accidents involving you or your family members, even if you were on a bicycle.3 Although additional coverages, like UM/UIM, can increase your insurance rates, there are several providers who offer cheaper than average premiums for the state minimum insurance:
Insurance provider
Monthly minimum coverage cost
Annual minimum coverage cost

Do you need more than minimum coverage in El Paso?

The car insurance policy offering the best peace of mind includes more coverage than Illinois’ minimum insurance requirements.
After an at-fault car accident, Illinois' car accident laws hold you liable for the other driver's medical expenses and vehicle repairs. Costs can easily exceed the minimum 25/50/20 rule, especially if a severe injury or total loss vehicle is involved.
The bottom line: For complete financial protection, expert insurance agents recommend doubling your liability and UM/UIM coverage limits. 

Expert Insight

VP Insurance Operations, 18+ Years Experience in Insurance
A general rule that I recommend is to carry enough coverage to protect your current and future assets – at least $100,000/$300,000 of liability coverage is recommended, but you may need more coverage depending on your financial situation.

Cheapest full coverage car insurance quotes in El Paso

Note that neither liability insurance nor UM/UIM coverage will cover your car’s repairs or replacement. These two policies are solely for the benefit of anyone you injure or whose property you damage in an accident.
To fix your motor vehicle, you need
full coverage auto insurance
, which includes liability insurance, plus comprehensive and collision coverage:
  • Collision coverage
    pays to repair or replace your car after it’s been damaged in a crash with another vehicle or object, regardless of who’s at fault.
  • Comprehensive coverage
    covers damages caused by vandalism, extreme weather, and theft.
If you have an auto loan or lease, you’ll probably have to buy full coverage car insurance as part of your agreement. In El Paso, it’ll cost you about $100 per month (or $1,209 per year), but you may be able to find lower rates with these top providers:
Insurance provider
Monthly full coverage cost
Annual full coverage cost
Lower my car insurance too!

Average cost of car insurance in El Paso

Car insurance in El Paso costs an average of $69 per month and $822 per year. Minimum coverage averages $37 per month (or $445 per year) while full coverage averages about $100 per month or $1,209 per year. That’s about 38% lower than the national average. 
Several factors contribute to Illinois car insurance rates, including:
  • Mild weather: While El-Paso experiences few record-setting heat waves or cold spikes, it has more earthquake risk than the rest of the country, which slightly raises insurance costs.4
  • Low population: El Paso has maintained a population of less than 3,000 people for the last twenty years, meaning there are few motorists or car accidents on the road.5
  • Motor vehicle thefts: Illinois’ motor vehicle theft rate jumped 63% jump between 2021 and 2022, leading to an increase in comprehensive coverage rates.6
  • Safe driving: The state of Illinois reported 10.5 motor crash fatalities per 100,000 residents in 2021, more than two points lower than the national average.7

Car insurance quotes in El Paso by rating factors 

El Paso providers use several different rating factors when
calculating your car insurance rates
, such as:  
  • Your credit score: Drivers with good credit typically pay less for the same coverage as drivers with poor credit.
  • Your demographics: If your age group has a statistically higher chance of getting into a car accident, you’ll pay more for insurance coverage.
  • Your driving record and claims history: Insurance providers may charge you higher rates if your driving record shows a history of accidents or traffic violations.
  • Your location: Drivers who live in an urban area of the map pay higher rates than the ones who live in the countryside. Even different ZIP codes within the same city may see different charges.
  • Your vehicle make and model: Luxury cars, high-performance vehicles, and sports cars generally have higher insurance costs because they cost more to repair and replace.

How do different factors impact your car insurance costs in El Paso?

Allowed (with applicable limitations): Gender, age, driving experience, credit history, education, occupation, employment status, marital status, zip code, insurance history
Prohibited (or effectively prohibited): El Paso currently does not disallow any common insurance rating factors when calculating insurance premiums.
Learn more about the car insurance rating factors in El Paso:

Cheap car insurance quotes in El Paso after driving violations

Your annual premiums are heavily based on your past driving behavior, as reflected on your
Illinois driving record
. A driving history of traffic tickets, moving violations, and at-fault accidents makes you a
high-risk driver
in the eyes of insurance providers.
Tolerance for driving mistakes varies among providers, particularly if you received a serious conviction for a DUI or reckless driving in Illinois.

Cheap car insurance in El Paso after a speeding ticket

Your insurance rates will spike after a single
Illinois speeding ticket
. Multiple speeding tickets (or a major speeding violation) will increase your rates even more. Here’s the average cost of insurance after a speeding ticket in Illinois, and the average rate increase:
Monthly coverage cost
Rate increase (%)

Cheapest car insurance in El Paso after a DUI

According to the X, 23% of 1,268 fatal crashes in Illinois in 2022 were alcohol-related8. As a result, DUI charges are hefty in the state. Getting charged with a
DUI in Illinois
comes with the following consequences:
  • Community service sentence of up to 100 hours
  • Driver’s license suspension of at least one year
  • A fine of up to $2,500
  • Jail sentence of up to one year
Not only that, but it can also cause your car insurance rates to substantially increase. Here’s how much your rates can be impacted by a DUI in Illinois:
Monthly coverage cost
Rate increase (%)
While you may lose any good driver discounts you previously qualified for, drivers with a DUI on their record in Illinois can still apply for paid in full and bundling discounts to help lower rates. Other strategies include comparison shopping and maintaining a clean record.

Cheapest car insurance in El Paso after an at-fault accident

Insurance providers look at your record as a driver to determine how much money you could cost them as a policyholder. If you’ve recently been in an
at-fault accident
, you could see your rates increase by the following:
Driving record
Monthly coverage cost
Rate increase (%)
At-fault accident

Cheapest car insurance in El Paso after other driving violations

Any driving violation—whether for
reckless driving
or driving uninsured—can lead to higher auto insurance rates. Here’s where other drivers with various driving violations found affordable coverage in El Paso:
Monthly coverage cost
Annual coverage cost
Seat belt
Failure to show documents
Open container
Cell phone
Failure to obey signal
Other minor
Unsafe operation of a motor vehicle
Careless driving
Other major

Cheap car insurance quotes in El Paso by age

New drivers
often face high insurance rates due to their lack of driving knowledge. Individuals over 25 see decreased insurance rates until their 75th birthday, which is often when costs rise again. Regardless of your age—and your insurance rate—there are still several ways you can lower your premiums at any time in your life.

Cheap car insurance in El Paso for young drivers

In 2021, approximately 94 Illinois teens under the age of 20 were involved in fatal crashes9, with distracted driving being the biggest factor10. As a result, if you’re between 16 and 19, you may have difficulty finding affordable car insurance—but it’s not impossible. Here’s how much the average young driver pays for car insurance in Illinois:
Monthly minimum coverage cost
Monthly full coverage cost
< 18
Comparing quotes is critical to keeping costs down. Other strategies include searching for student oriented car insurance discounts and maintaining a clean driving record.

Cheap car insurance in El Paso for middle-aged drivers

As drivers gain more experience behind the wheel, their rates lower. Drivers 25-64 see some of the cheapest rates for all age demographics, with rates rising again after motorists turn 65+. 
Monthly minimum coverage cost
Monthly full coverage cost
While driver premiums are often lower than average for this age group, drivers can still achieve even cheaper costs by looking into car insurance discounts and bundling policies.

Cheap car insurance in El Paso for senior drivers

older drivers
are more likely to get into accidents and suffer serious injuries, their rates go up around their mid-60s. And because providers usually have to pay more to settle a senior driver’s claim for medical expenses, they charge more.
Monthly minimum coverage cost
Monthly full coverage cost

Cheap car insurance quotes in El Paso based on insurance history

It’s essential to have a continuous insurance history to save money. Any
car insurance lapse
—i.e., a period of time where you didn't have auto insurance coverage, even if it wasn't your fault—could mean you pay higher rates. Check out how much, on average, El Paso residents with an insurance lapse pay for coverage:
Insurance history
Monthly coverage cost
Rate increase (%)
With coverage lapses

How to lower car insurance costs in El Paso

1. Shop around and compare quotes

To ensure that you're getting the best deal on car insurance coverage, it's important to compare quotes from multiple providers. Experts say to go
car insurance shopping
with at least three different providers every six months.
app screenshot
The Jerry Insurance Agency provides a quick and hassle-free way to compare rates.
The app provides the five to seven most competitive rates in El Paso within a few minutes, eliminating all the guesswork in the search for affordable rates.

 2. Hunt for car insurance discounts

Here are some
car insurance discounts
that might help you save on auto insurance:
  • Auto and home insurance bundles
    : Consider bundling your car and homeowners insurance policies to save money. Bundling other insurance products—like life insurance, roadside assistance, or renters insurance—also works.
  • Good driver discounts: If you've kept a
    clean driving record
    for at least three years, you may be eligible for savings.
  • Good student discounts: If you're a college or high school student with a B average or better, you could save money on your car insurance from certain providers.
  • Telematics discounts: By installing a telematics device in your car, you can earn discounts for driving safely rather than braking hard or speeding.

3. Increase your deductible for comprehensive and collision coverage

If you don’t want to drop your coverage, consider increasing your deductible to save on car insurance. Just keep in mind that this is often a last resort option and should only be considered if you can afford the increase.


How much is car insurance in Illinois per month?

Car insurance in Illinois costs an average of $100 per month and $1,203 per year. That’s about $63 per month (or $756 per year) for a minimum coverage insurance policy and $137 per month (or $1,650 per year) for
full coverage

Who has the cheapest car insurance in Illinois?

While car insurance premiums vary greatly from driver to driver, survey says that
has the most satisfying policy costs. In Jerry’s survey, Illinois drivers rated the company’s prices a 4.6 out of 5.0.

How much is car insurance in El Paso Texas?

El Paso drivers spend an average of $37 per month—equivalent to $445 per year—for minimum
liability coverage
Full coverage
costs around $100 per month or $1,209 annually.

What’s the minimum car insurance in Illinois?

A minimum-coverage car insurance policy in Illinois includes $25,000 of
bodily injury liability
coverage per person (up to $50,000 per accident) and $20,000 of
property damage liability
coverage per accident. You’ll also need $25,000 of
bodily injury coverage per person (up to $50,000 per accident).

Is car insurance expensive in Illinois?

Car insurance in Illinois is less expensive than the national average. It costs $756-$1,650 per year to get coverage in the Prairie State, compared to an average of $927-$1,984 nationwide.


The Insurance Research Team analyzes insurance products and services to drive insights and help consumers make informed purchase decisions. We analyzed over 25 million car insurance quotes and conducted the largest insurance shopping survey (over 15,000 customers surveyed and 85 carriers reviewed in the past 18 months). All average quote data is based on rates for single drivers with a clean record and a single car between the ages of 35 and 65.  
We surveyed insurance policyholders for their experience with their insurers in the following areas: (1) insurance cost (2) customer service (3) insurance buying experience (4) insurance renewal experience (5) claim experience. In addition, we asked people what they like about their insurers and what areas in which their insurers could improve. 
For the quotes and sold policies included in this article, please note that personal information has been hidden. Not all customers find savings. 
Team: The team consists of licensed insurance agents, insurance industry veterans, and data scientists.


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*Illustration only. For all the pricing information presented in this article (including various tables), please note that not all customers find savings and the information is for illustrative purposes only. Savings depend on type of car, location, policy features, driving history and other factors. Drivers who switch through Jerry save over $70/month on average.