How to Get a Wyoming Handicap Placard (and Who’s Eligible)

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In order to park in a disabled parking space in Wyoming, you must have a disabled license plate or placard displaying the International Symbol of Access (ISA).
Finding parking can be a challenge for drivers with disabilities. Whether a driver has a temporary or permanent condition, crossing large parking lots or making a quick stop at a meter often aren’t viable options. To help ensure accessible parking for drivers with disabilities, every state offers placards and license plates—however, the rules for use and conditions vary from state to state. 
If you’re one of the 26% of Wyomingites with a disability, visible or otherwise, you may be eligible for a disabled parking placard or plates. Read on for a quick guide to applying for a Wyoming handicap parking permit or placard

How to get a disabled parking placard or plate in Wyoming

To park in a disabled space anywhere in Wyoming, you’ll need one of these: 
  • A Permanent Disabled Parking Identification Placard (for conditions expected to last a minimum of twelve months). These are valid for 10 years and must be renewed upon expiration.
  • A Temporary Disabled Parking Identification Placard (for conditions expected to last no more than six months)
The placards feature the International Symbol of Access (ISA), a blue-and-white stick figure with a wheelchair. However, you don’t have to use a wheelchair to be eligible for a disabled placard in Wyoming. Below is a non-exhaustive list of conditions, including temporary conditions and long-term disabilities, that qualify for a disabled parking placard in Wyoming.  

Who’s eligible for a disabled parking placard?

Eligibility for a disabled parking placard takes various kinds of disabilities into account. You meet the legal definition of disability in Wyoming if you: 
  • Are unable to walk more than two hundred (200) feet without stopping
  • Require the use of mobility devices, such as a brace, cane, crutch, prosthetic, or wheelchair. This includes needing assistance from another person.
  • Have difficulty walking, caused by things like arthritic, neurological or orthopedic conditions (orthopedic includes things like a knee injury, lower back pain, or even fibromyalgia)
  • Have a lung condition that results in reduced respiratory function, which can be determined from a pulmonary lung function test
  • Require the use of portable oxygen
  • Have a heart condition that impacts your physical activity, such as class III or IV heart failure (based on the
    American Heart Association standards
  • Have a vision- or auditory-related impairment that limits your mobility
The eligibility requirements in Wyoming also take the duration of your disability into account. For example, if you break your leg, you can apply for a six-month temporary disability parking identification placard. You are allowed to renew the temporary placard once for an additional six months.
Permanent disabilities are not always visible. For instance, if you have asthma and it prevents you from crossing the parking lot in one go, you can apply for a permanent disabled parking placard. The placard only applies to you and may not be used by others if you are not present in the vehicle.
You can also apply for a disabled parking license plate when you fill in your application for your placard. You have the choice of receiving two parking placards or one parking placard and a set of license plates. If your name is not on the vehicle registration, though—such as a vehicle in a family or friend’s name—you won’t be able to receive the plates. 
Note that you will have to pick up the plates separately once you receive an authorization form and that a fee for the plates will apply.  

How to apply

To apply for any type of disabled parking placard or for license plates, you’ll need to fill out the
Application for Disabled Parking Identification Placard
. We’ve gone over a few options that you can choose on the form already, but there are some additional pieces of information you’ll need. 
The application asks for identifying information: your name, address, driver’s license, date of birth, and phone number. If you’re filling out the form as a legal guardian of someone with a disability, you fill in their information as the eligible applicant. You’ll then get to select the type of permit you’re applying for: 
  • Temporary disabled parking placard 
  • One permanent disabled parking placard
  • Two permanent disabled parking placards
  • One permanent disabled parking placard and set of disabled parking plates
Next, a licensed medical professional must provide their information and sign the form, confirming that you meet the state’s legal definition of disability (as listed on the form itself). Forms with whited-out or erased information will not be accepted.
Once your form is complete, you have the choice of submitting it by mail or in person at your local driver exam office. If you choose to hand in the form in person, you’ll have to show ID, such as your
Wyoming driver’s license
, state ID, or birth certificate. If you’re handing in the form or picking up placards for another party, you must have an authorization letter.
If you prefer to submit the form by mail, you can send the fully completed application to:
WYDOT - Driver Services
Driver Review
5300 Bishop Blvd.
, WY  82009-3340
There is no fee to apply for a disabled parking placard. If you opt for license plates, you'll have to pay a small fee when you pick them up at the county treasurer’s office.

Renewing a disabled parking placard

If your temporary disability extends beyond six months, you’ll need to fill out a full application for a new temporary pass. You are only allowed to renew the temporary placard once for an additional six months. If your condition continues beyond the total twelve months, you should speak to your doctor about applying for a permanent disabled parking placard.
Permanent disabled parking placards are issued for 10 years and must be renewed when they expire.
All disabled parking placards are non-transferrable—they cannot be used by anyone else other than the person to which they were issued. If your placard is lost, stolen, or damaged, call (307) 777-4839 for information on how to get a replacement.
Key Takeaway To apply for a disabled parking placard in Wyoming, you’ll need a licensed medical professional to sign your application. 
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Guidelines for veterans with disabilities

If you receive 50% or more service-connected disability compensation from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, you may be eligible for a set of
disabled veteran plates
. However, these plates do not allow you to park in an accessible parking spot—you’ll need to apply for a disabled parking placard separately.
You’re also allowed to purchase one additional pair of license plates for either a motorcycle or multipurpose vehicle as long as you pay regular
vehicle registration
fees. Here are some additional requirements to apply for a disabled veteran license plate:
  • Your vehicle's
    certificate of title
    in your name or in joint ownership with a member of your immediate family.
  • All applications have to be sent directly to the county treasurer at least 60 days before the vehicle’s registration expires.
  • All special license plates are issued once in an eight-year period and must be renewed annually no later than the last day of the annual registration month.
  • You can renew your plates at the county treasurer's office.
  • If you transfer ownership of the vehicle, the registration expires, and the plates must be removed.
  • You can apply to transfer the license registration number to a newly acquired vehicle.
If you have any questions about how to apply for a disabled veteran license plate, you can contact the WYDOT office:
WYDOT Motor Vehicle Services
5300 Bishop Boulevard
Cheyenne, WY 82009
(307) 777-4717
Key Takeaway If you have a disabled veteran license plate, you’ll still need a disabled parking spot placard to park in accessible parking spots. 

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Unfortunately, no. The only ways to renew a disabled parking permit in Wyoming are by mail and in person.
A permanent disabled parking placard is available free of charge in Wyoming. If you apply for disabled license plates, you will have to pay a fee when you pick them up.
By Brittni Brinn
Updated on Feb 17, 2023
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett, Senior Editor.
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