How to Get a Utah Handicap Placard (and Who’s Eligible)

Drivers with disabilities will need to display disabled parking placards or license plates to park in restricted or reserved spaces in Utah.
Written by Mary Alice Morris
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
If you have a
temporary or permanent disability
and wish to use reserved handicap parking spaces in
, you’ll need to first get a state-issued placard or license plate to park legally. 
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How to get a disabled parking placard or plate in Utah

To use a reserved disabled parking space in Utah, you will need one of the following: 
  • A temporary Utah handicap placard (valid for up to six months)
  • A permanent Utah handicap placard (valid for up to two years)
  • A Utah
    disabled person’s license plate
    (available for those with permanent disabilities)
  • A valid disabled parking plate or placard from another state, Canada, or Mexico
If you already have a valid Utah disabled parking placard or plate, or if you’re traveling to Utah and have a valid placard or plate from anywhere in North America, you should be good to go. But, if you’re a Utah resident hoping to qualify for handicap parking, then you’ll need to meet the qualifications outlined below. 

Who’s eligible for a disabled parking placard in Utah?

Utah has a pretty clearcut outline of what criteria you must meet to receive a disabled person’s license plate or placard. You might qualify if one of the following applies to you:
  • You are unable to walk 200 feet without stopping to rest
  • You have to use a crutch, brace, cane, prosthetic device, wheelchair, assistance from another person, or another assistive device to walk
  • You require a portable oxygen tank
  • You are severely restricted by lung disease
  • Your mobility is limited due to a neurological, arthritic, or orthopedic condition
  • You have a Class III or Class IV cardiac condition as defined by the American Heart Association
If you meet any of the conditions listed above, you might be wondering which type of placard or plate to apply for. That depends entirely on the nature of your disability and your personal health. For instance, if you’ve suffered an injury that has limited your ability to walk unassisted, but you’re expected to recover, then you’ll probably qualify for a temporary Utah handicap placard
If you have a permanent disability that meets the above criteria, you can apply for a permanent Utah handicap placard or a Utah disabled person’s license plate. 
There are pros and cons to both the permanent placard and the license plate. Placards can go with you in whichever vehicle you travel in, but they also can be lost or misplaced. A license plate can’t really be misplaced once it's on your vehicle, but it only applies to one car. 
In Utah, a person with disabilities can have up to two placards issued if no handicap license plate is needed. Or, you can receive one handicap license plate for your car and one placard to carry with you from vehicle to vehicle. 

How to apply

If you’re ready to apply for handicap plates or placards, you’ll need to start with
Utah’s disability certification form TC-842
. After filling out your personal information, take the form to your doctor to complete and sign the medical certification section. 
Then, take the completed paperwork to any Utah Division of Motor Vehicles office or mail it to the address listed on the top of the form. If you opt for placards, they will be issued to you at no cost. If you decide to go with license plates, they will cost $17 if you take your paperwork to a DMV office in person. If you submit your application by mail, the cost is $21
You’ll also need to provide the current plate number for the vehicle that you’ll be using your new handicap plates on.
The application for placards and plates is the same form, whether you’re applying as someone with a permanent disability or a temporary disability. Your physician will indicate which type of disability applies, and then you will select placards or plates (which are only available in the case of permanent disabilities.)

Renewing a disabled parking placard

Temporary Utah disabled parking placards can not be renewed when they expire. However, you can complete the application process again and receive new six-month placards if your needs extend beyond the initial six-month timeframe. You just fill out the same paperwork as before, with certification from your physician. 
If you have permanent Utah handicap placards, the state will mail out a renewal notice. This form simply needs to be signed and mailed back, and then new placards will be issued. However, if you don’t receive the renewal notice or it gets lost, you can also apply for renewal
, over the phone at (800) 368-8824, or in person at any Utah DMV office. No new medical certification is necessary for the renewal of a permanent placard. 
If you have a set of Utah disabled person’s license plates, these are simply renewed whenever you do
your usual vehicle registration
Key Takeaway Applying for a Utah handicap placard or license plates requires an application form and a signed section completed by a licensed physician. 

Guidelines for veterans with disabilities

Utah offers a lot of license plate options in an effort to honor US Armed Forces veterans, including a special plate designated for veterans with service-related disabilities. However, it’s important to understand that Utah’s disabled veterans' license plates do not qualify for legal parking in handicap spaces. Even if you have disabled veterans' plates, you must also complete the state’s
TC-842 form
to certify that your disability makes you eligible for parking accommodations. 
To apply for disabled veterans’ plates in Utah, you need to submit the following to any Utah DMV office, or by mail to the state DMV:
  • A letter from the Utah Department of Veterans and Military Affairs, or another US Military entity, certifying your status as a disabled veteran
  • A $17 special plate fee (plus another $4 if you’re applying by mail)
  • A copy of your current vehicle registration
When you submit the above for your veterans’ plates, you can also submit an application for a handicap placard at the same time, if you’re eligible.
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offers lots of options to renew permanent handicap placards. You can renew them online, over the phone, or in person at your local DMV office. However, remember that temporary handicap placards can not be renewed. If you need to extend your access to handicap parking for a temporary disability, you’ll have to re-apply for a new set of placards. That means filling out the same application form as before and getting certification and a signature from a licensed physician.
Handicap placards are available for no cost in Utah, regardless of whether it’s for a permanent or temporary disability. License plates cost $17, plus another $4 for shipping and handling if you apply for handicap plates through the mail. Renewal for placards is also at no cost. Keep in mind that plates are only available for those with permanent disabilities, and their renewal is completed whenever you do your usual
motor vehicle registration
If you meet Utah’s criteria for temporary or permanent disability, you can obtain Utah handicap placards or license plates through a fairly straightforward process. You simply fill out the application form along with your physician and submit it to the state division of motor vehicles. You can submit your application in person or mail it in. Applications are available online from the Utah Division of Motor Vehicles or any local DMV office.
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