Five Coolest Mustang Concept Cars

From all-electric super cars to Italian one-off concepts, these are the five coolest Mustang concepts in recent years.
Written by Sarah Gray
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
From the Ford Mustang Lithium, slated to go into production in 2022, to the FR500GT that became the foundation for the current Shelby GT500, the Ford Mustang has inspired imaginations for years.
Concept cars give engineers and innovators that opportunity to imagine the future. Whether tuning up electric engines or dialing in aerodynamics, designers flaunt their creativity when it comes to designing these potential production inspirations. Over the years,
has brought drivers six generations of Mustang, each with its own bevy of concepts.
For the Mustang enthusiast in all of us, we've compiled a list of five of the most awesome concepts developed for the Mustang over the last several years.
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2021 Ford Shelby Mustang Mach-E Concept Car 

While he’s best known for racing excellence and Mustang performance, racing legend Carroll Shelby also had a dream of an all-electric performance car, now realized in the
Shelby Mustang Mach-E
concept car, which Ford unveiled at the 2021 SEMA car show.
The aesthetics for this concept are pure Shelby, from the off-white and blue livery to the lowered suspension—courtesy of Ford MagneRide dampers with composite carbon fiber springs. The graphene-infused carbon fiber body features new air intake winglets and gills, extended side skirts, and wider arches to accommodate the Michelin Pilot Sport EV tires.
But Shelby fanatics really care about what’s under the hood, and if this Shelby body is paired with the performance of the Lithium concept up next, Ford could find itself stepping into
territory for EV performance.
Early estimates set production for the Shelby Mach-E GT in late 2023.

2019 Ford Mustang Lithium  

It seems like every vehicle manufacturer is jumping on the EV train lately, and Ford is no different. At the 2019 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Ford debuted its all-electric Ford Mustang Lithium. Though it may look a lot like a standard ‘Stang, it’s anything but.
While drivers saw the standard six-speed manual transmission, Ford Performance half shafts, and Super 8.8 Torsen Differentials that appeared with the 2015-19 GT Performance Pack, the high-tech all-electric powertrain produces a heartstopping 900+ horsepower and 1,000 pound-feet of torque—all without a single sip of gas.
If 900+ potential ponies isn’t enough to tempt you, the Lithium features four driving modes: Valet, Sport, Track, and—we’re not kidding—Beast Mode.
The all-electric Ford Mustang is set to go into production in December of 2022.
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2011 Ford (Mustang) Evos Concept

While not technically a Mustang concept, the Ford Evos Concept, unveiled at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, was essentially a preview of what would become the production 2015 Ford Mustang.
The concept featured the same trapezoidal grill and narrow headlights with nearly identical housings for the fog lights. The overall shape of the front half of the car is essentially copied in the production vehicle—but the concept featured butterfly doors and a hatchback, something certainly not featured on the production car.
Many have wondered why Ford didn’t just call the Evos a Mustang Concept, but upon closer inspection, it’s clear that there’s a lot more than just Mustang in this machine. If the Evos is a Mustang concept, it’s also a bit of a Frankencar, with elements of the Focus, Fusion, and Escape all included.

2007 Ford Mustang FR500GT Concept

At the time of its debut, the FR500GT was nicknamed the King of all Mustangs. Unfortunately, the Mustang Lithium and one-off Cobra Jet 1400 have handily unseated it from its throne. That’s not to say that FR500GT wasn’t impressive, though—especially as it laid the groundwork for the newest-generation Mustang Shelby GT500.
The concept, which insiders refer to as the “Man Racer,” was featured in the October 2007 issue of Car and Driver to high praise. It featured a 550-hp modular V8 tuned by Ford’s own racing division and imagined as a reincarnation of the Trans-Am Mustang of the 70s. 

2006 Ford Mustang Giugiaro Concept

The Ford Mustang Giugiaro may just be the most orange Mustang ever conceived. Based on the fifth-generation Mustang GT, this vibrant orange 500-hp beast represents 30,000 hours of Fabrizio Giugiaro’s blood sweat and tears. 
From its scissor doors to a wholly reworked body, the Giugiaro ‘Stang is a purely bespoke pony car that combines American muscle with Italian design. The roof is a single piece of curved glass, similar to today’s Tesla roofs, and the exterior features tiny cameras rather than mirrors to give the driver an outside view.
The cabin is—well—it’s a lot. Continuing the vibrant orange motif, Giugiaro offsets the bright citrus hue with dark brown mottled horsehide seats and brown leather-wrapped steering wheel. The two-tone brown and orange dash is cut down the middle with a chrome bar that offers a much-need break from the otherwise garish interior.

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Most Ford concept cars aren’t available for purchase. However, the FR500GT suggested a sales price of approximately $125,000 for production models based on the concept.
Technically, no. It's a one-off factory drag racer with an all-electric engine producing upwards of 1,400 horsepower.
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