Which Mini Coopers Have a Manual Transmission?

Although most manufacturers are phasing out manual transmissions, Mini Cooper has more manuals than any other brand, with the 2-series, the M2, the M3, and the M4.
Written by Sara Brody
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Updated on Jan 19, 2023
Though many car companies are phasing out manual transmission models, the stick shift is alive and well at Mini Cooper. Currently, all models are available to purchase with manual transmissions. 
In 2019, close to 99% of all new cars sold in the United States were automatics, but many car enthusiasts still sing the praises of the clutch. If you also prefer a manual gearbox over an automatic,
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In this article, we’ll do a deep dive into Mini Cooper’s manual models, including roadsters, coupes, and four-doors.
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Does Mini Cooper still make a manual? 

Yes—in fact, all Mini Coopers come factory built with manual transmissions. While 2020 was an exception—that year’s models were all automatic—Mini reasserted its commitment to the stick shift in 2021 by adding new cars with manual transmissions to its lineup.
Even with the availability of new stick shifts dwindling overall, Mini Cooper remains a compelling option for car enthusiasts who can’t resist the fun of the clutch.


Starting price: $17,800
Mini Cooper Roadster
is a cute convertible with a naturally aspirated inline four-cylinder engine that reaches 122 horsepower. With a standard six-speed manual gearbox and front-wheel drive, the Roadster offers personality, reliable performance, and, of course, the fun of switching gears on the road.


Starting price: $29,000
A stylish station wagon with solid fuel economy,
Mini’s Clubman
model is a great family car for buyers who prioritize manual transmissions. With a turbocharged inline three-cylinder engine that produces a maximum of 134 horsepower, as well as the front-wheel drive that is standard among MIni stick shifts, the Clubman is more efficient than it is powerful.


Starting price: $27,900
With its classy interior and distinctive styling, the Cabrio is a front-wheel drive Mini convertible with a manual option. The turbocharged inline three-cylinder engine achieves 136 horsepower and features a six-speed gearbox. As with other Mini offerings, it’s not the most powerful car in the world, but it can get you where you need to go in style.


Starting price: $22,900
For stick shift enthusiasts who prefer coupes to convertibles or station wagons, the
Mini Cooper Coupe
might be a great choice—not to mention it’s fun to say! The Coupe model is powered by a naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine, six-speed manual gearbox, and front-wheel drive. With 122 horsepower and 44 mg, it’s great for local drives and has the fuel economy to be efficient on road trips, too.


Starting price: $19,006
If your heart is set on a car that’s not only practical but also classic in design, consider the Mini Mk III, first sold in 1969. With a naturally aspirated inline four-cylinder engine, this two-door sedan is powered by front-wheel drive and a four-speed manual gearbox. While not the most powerful car—the horsepower maxes out at 62 horsepower—the Mk III might suit drivers seeking a vintage stick shift with above-average fuel economy.

Benefits and drawbacks of a manual transmission

Car enthusiasts love to debate the merits of an
automatic versus manual transmission
. If you haven’t yet chosen a side, consider these advantages of a manual transmission: 
  • Pro: Manual transmissions are typically cheaper. 
  • Pro: A manual transmission can be a theft deterrent, since between
    of U.S. drivers don’t know how to drive stick. 
  • Pro: When it comes to transmission issues, you’ll have lower repair costs for a manual than for an automatic. 
  • Pro: They’re fun to drive! 
That said, manual gearboxes can come with disadvantages too:
  • Con: Three-pedal driving can get exhausting in stop-and-go traffic. 
  • Con: It’s harder to learn to drive a manual—and at this point, good luck finding someone to teach you. 
  • Con: In the past, manual transmissions got better fuel economy, but
    the opposite is true
    these days. 
Cars with manual transmissions are increasingly hard to find, too. In 2021, only
27 new cars with a manual transmission
were available in the U.S. 
Key Takeaway Manual transmissions are harder to drive and find, but they can come with lower repair costs and greater fun on the road. 

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