How to Replace a Lost Louisiana Driver’s License

Most Louisiana residents can replace a lost driver’s license online, in person, or by mail by paying an $11 fee and verifying their identity.
Written by Kevin Martinez
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
If you’ve lost or misplaced your Louisiana driver’s license, you can either request a duplicate online, in person at an OMV office, or by mail so long as you have a permanent address. No matter which method you choose, you will have to pay an $11 fee and verify your identity.
  • Most Louisiana residents can replace a lost driver’s license online, in person, or by mail by paying an $11 fee and verifying their identity.
  • Online replacement requires providing personal identification and credit card information.
  • In-person renewal with the help of an OMV tag agent requires proper ID, and minors will need to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian with proper photo ID.
  • Out-of-state residents may be able to apply for a replacement via mail, but restrictions apply.

How to replace a lost driver’s license in Louisiana

Losing your Louisiana driver’s license can be very frustrating. To protect your identity and legally get back on the road, it’s important that you file for a replacement as soon as possible. 
The process to apply for a replacement license is fairly straightforward and can be completed online, in person, or via mail.
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Replacing a lost Louisiana license online

To request a Louisiana license replacement online through the
Louisiana Department of Public Safety (DPS) website
, the Louisiana resident must not have any outstanding fines, fees, or tickets, and provide the following information:
  • Date of birth
  • Driver’s license number, identification card number, or last four of your social security number
  • A valid credit card backed by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express
Once you input your information, you’ll be charged an $11 replacement fee.
Be sure that the mailing address that you have on file matches your current address—under Louisiana law, if the addresses are not the same, you will not be eligible to request online.
Note: Drivers with a
Louisiana Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)
must apply for a replacement in person or via mail.
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Replacing a lost Louisiana license in person

To save time, you can fill out the
Reconstructed Duplicate/Renewal License/ID Card Application (DPSMV2013)
prior to heading to your local Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles.
Once at the Louisiana OMV, you’ll need to present proper identification unless you can be identified through the DMV’s Photo Retrieve program. If you’re identified under this program, no additional ID is required. 
If your photo isn’t in the Retrieve program, you can access the DMV’s list of
acceptable forms of identification
to see what primary and secondary documents can be used to satisfy identification requirements.
Minors under 18 may be required to obtain a custodial parent or legal guardian’s signature for issuance.
Minors 17 years of age or younger must bring their original or a certified copy of their birth certificate and one secondary form of identification. They must also be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian with valid photo ID.
The fee for a replacement license is $5 plus an additional $6 service fee, making the grand bill a total of $11. Fees can be paid with cash, money order, cashier’s check, or certified check.
Typically, it can take up to 30 days for you to receive a duplicate driver’s license or identification card. If you don’t obtain your new license within the 30-day period, you must visit an OMV office within 60 days to be eligible for a replacement at no additional charge.
Note: As of October of 2016, Louisiana has begun issuing REAL ID-compliant credentials. If you are planning on obtaining a REAL-ID-compliant license, you must apply in person. If you are requesting a non-REAL-ID-compliant license, you will still be eligible to use it as proof of ID in most cases—however, it will display “Not for Federal Identification” on the top.
MORE: Louisiana REAL ID: what you need to know

What if you lose your Louisiana license out of state?

If you lose your Louisiana license while out of state, replacing it can be a bit more tedious, but no need to worry—it’s still pretty simple.
If you are out of state, as long as you’re a Louisiana resident with a permanent Louisiana address, you’ll want to review the OMV’s policy to see if you qualify for a temporary out-of-state Louisiana driver’s license. From there, you’ll want to call the OMV at (225)-925-4195 to discuss the options for your replacement.
You may be able to apply for a duplicate license through mail, which can take up to 10 days for processing and mailing. Make sure to download the application, fill it out completely, and send it to the following address:
Office of Motor Vehicles
Attention: Reconstructed License
P.O. Box 64886
Baton Rouge, LA 70896
If your license expiration date is within 90 days, your request will be processed as a license renewal automatically. If your license was set to expire within 180 days, however, you have the option to choose to renew.
If any of the following licenses and ID are not eligible for renewal by mail:
  • First-time issuance of a REAL ID
  • A driver’s license currently under suspension or revocation
  • A driver’s license or state ID that has been expired for twelve months or more
  • A driver’s license or state ID that was renewed by mail or online at the last expiration
  • Driver’s license or state IDs issued to alien students or non-resident aliens.
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