How to Replace a Lost Mississippi Driver’s License

In Mississippi, replacing a lost driver’s license can be done online or in person for an $11 fee.
Written by Shannon Fitzgerald
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
In Mississippi, you can replace a lost driver’s license online or in person at any Driver Service Bureau station. The fee is $11 and you will generally receive your new license by mail within ten business days. 
Losing your license, or having it stolen, is anyone’s worst nightmare. After all, without your license, you can’t legally drive—any attempt to do so would result in violation fines, demerit points, and
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hikes anyway. 
But don’t fret! Replacing a driver’s license is a fairly straightforward process in Mississippi—and
is here to walk you through all the steps. 
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How to replace a lost driver’s license in Mississippi

Whether you lost your license in transit or your entire wallet got stolen, you’ll want to make sure you start the replacement process as soon as possible.
Driving without a license
is illegal in Mississippi. It’s punishable as a misdemeanor with hefty fines and possible jail time—so you’ll need a new license before you can start using your car again. 
Fortunately, applying for a replacement license in Mississippi is a simple process. 

Replacing a lost Mississippi license online

Applying for a replacement online is one of the easiest methods to acquire a duplicate license In Mississippi. But there are some requirements you must meet first: 
  • You need to know your driver’s license number 
  • Your lost driver’s license must be current and valid 
  • You need to have a photograph on file with the Department of Public Safety (DPS) 
  • You have a Social Security number 
If you meet these requirements, you can then follow the steps on the
DPS Driver Self-Service Portal
to complete the replacement license application and pay the $11 fee via debit or credit card. Once your transaction goes through, you will receive a confirmation email to print for your records. Your replacement license will generally arrive by mail within ten business days

Replacing a lost Mississippi license in person

If you don’t have a photo ID on file or your personal information has changed, you’ll most likely need to head to the
nearest Driver Service Bureau location
to apply for a replacement in person. The DPS recommends that you make an appointment via the
DPS online scheduler
before you arrive. 
You should prepare to bring the
required identification documents
to the Driver Service Bureau location with you. This generally includes: 
  • Two documents that prove Mississippi residency (eg. utility bill, credit card statement, vehicle title) 
  • Proof of date of birth (eg. US passport, birth certificate, certificate of naturalization) 
  • Verification of Social Security number (eg. Social Security card, W-2 form, pay stub) 
  • If applicable—verification of name change (eg. marriage license, court order, divorce decree) 
Once your identity has been verified and a clerk has guided you through the license replacement procedure, you will then pay the $11 fee either in cash or by credit or debit. You will typically receive a replacement license on the spot. If not, you should expect to receive it in the mail within ten business days
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What if you lose your Mississippi license out of state?

Unfortunately, if you lose your Mississippi driver's license while you’re in another state, you only have two options: 
  1. Apply for a replacement online—it will then be sent to the address on file with the DPS.
  2. Wait until you’re back in Mississippi to complete the process in person. 
If you’re eligible to request a replacement online and you’ll be out of state for an extended period of time, your best bet is to ask a friend or family member to forward your license to you once it arrives at your in-state mailing address. 

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