Is My License Plate Frame Legal in Mississippi?

License plate frames are legal in Mississippi as long as they don’t obscure or cover the information on the license plate.
Written by Joshua Levy
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
License plate frames are legal in the state of
as long as they don’t cover or obscure the information on the license plate.
Getting a
license plate
frame is an easy way to personalize your car on a budget. It shows the world a little bit about yourself and makes the entire car-owning experience a little more fun! But you need to be careful when picking a frame.
Most states have restrictions on the type of license plate frames you can use. Picking the wrong one could warrant a misdemeanor on your record and even fines. 
Understanding what defines a legal license plate frame can be difficult—but don’t worry.
is here with everything you need to know about license plate frame regulations in Mississippi.
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While it is legal to use a license plate frame in Mississippi, you need to make sure the frame doesn’t cover any letters or numbers on the plate. If your license plate frame obscures any information on the plate, you could be fined. 

What are the rules for license plate frames in Mississippi?

Mississippi’s state code specifies that “all characters and legally affixed decals shall not be defaced, covered, or obstructed.” 
This means that license plate frames are legal so long as they don’t obscure the license plate information. So a license plate frame that rests on the border of the license plate should be fine. But a frame that hangs over the plate would be considered illegal.

What about license plate covers?

Even though license plate frames are legal in Mississippi, drivers cannot use license plate covers of any kind. Placing any type of cover over your license plate—even if it’s clear—is strictly prohibited in the state of Mississippi. 
Driving with a license plate cover is considered an obstruction and could warrant a fine.

What are the fines for license plate frames in Mississippi?

While the fine for using an illegal license plate frame in Mississippi is only $25, the conviction will also appear as a misdemeanor on your record—which could impact your insurance rates.
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