How to Remove the Second Row Seats from a 2009 Acura TL

You can remove the second row seats from your 2009 Acura TL by taking the bolts out—just ensure you follow Jerry’s tips!
Written by Maxine Boyko
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Removing the second row seats from your 2009
Acura TL
is fairly simple—all you need to do is remove the bolts located behind the cushions with a socket wrench. But keep in mind you’ll first need to remove the seat cushions before removing the seat-backs.
Maybe you’re preparing to haul belongings for a big move or you’re going on a camping excursion involving lots of equipment and supplies—whatever the case, you’re looking for a little wiggle room in the back of your Acura TL, so now what? Well, you can remove the seats from your 2009 Acura with a little preparation…and maybe a friendly assistant. 
We're here to give you the full step-by-step instructions on removing the seats from a 2009 Acura TL without causing damage and injuries. And remember to stick around to learn how to save on your yearly car insurance costs!
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Can you remove the second row seats from a 2009 Acura TL?

Yep! You can remove the second row seats from the 2009 Acura TL—but it’s always a good idea to exercise caution so you don’t damage or lose any important parts when doing so.
Here are some special tips to look over before you start on your back seat excavation project: 
  • Prepare your door jambs. Consider cleaning wiping down your door jambs and/or placing a cloth over them to avoid scratching or otherwise damaging the upholstery. 
  • Check the airbags. Check the owner’s manual to ensure removing the back seats won’t trigger any issues with any side or curtain airbags.
  • Put down a tarp. To prevent injuries or just to make the experience more comfortable, try placing a tarp, blanket, or rug over exposed metal floor brackets and/or outside the vehicle on the ground.
  • Keep track of parts. Don’t lose any bolts! If you’re reinstalling the seats, you’ll need all the parts to do so—store all loose parts in a safe place. 
Now that you have a few things in mind, you’re ready to start! Keep in mind that if you only need a little more space, you can fold down the seats. We’ll go over this process later after we first discuss the rear seat removal procedure. 
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How to remove the second row seats from a 2009 Acura TL

Whether you want to deep clean without seats getting in your way or you simply want a lot of extra space, removing the second row seats is relatively straightforward; all you have to do is follow these steps: 
  1. Push the two front seats forward. You don’t have to perform this step, but it will make things easier by giving you more room to maneuver. 
  2. Remove the seat cushion bolt. Locate the seat cushion bolt near the right end of the cushion. You’ll need to pull open the space between the cushion and the seat-back to see it.
  3. Release the latches. There will be two latches underneath the seat cushion. Pull the release hatches forward to release them from their retaining hooks—you’ll likely need to push down on the seat as you pull forward. This may take some strength and you may want to have a second person to help you.
  4. Remove the seat cushion. Take out the seat cushions and remember to exercise caution so as not to scratch the vehicle’s body or seat upholstery.
  5. Remove the seat back bolts. Using a socket wrench, locate and remove the five bolts: three will be located at the bottom of the seat back, and the other two will be below the headrest. Search through the folds in the upholstery to find them for removal. 
  6. Remove the seat back. Simply pull the seat back forward and out of one side of the passenger doors. 
Now that the seats are out, your Acura is ready for anything, be it transporting music instruments to a concert, hauling sports equipment, or even customizing your sound system—the possibilities are endless!
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How do you put the back seats down in a 2009 Acura TL?

Sometimes you just need a little extra space, but you don’t necessarily need to remodel your interior, so to speak. Luckily for you, you can always put the seats down. There are three different methods depending on the model: 1) straps/strings 2) knob and 3) pull button. Let’s break down the steps for each one. 
  1. Straps/strings
  • Look for straps or strings between the gaps of the seats
  • Pull on the gaps while pushing the seat back at the same time
  • Repeat the last step for each seat or section of the bench, depending on your Acura TL’s layout
  1. Knob
  • Find the buttons located on the backrest of the seat bench (typically there are two at each end of the seat near the upper seatbelt clip).
  • Push the button while simultaneously pushing the seat back and fold down the seat.
  1. Pull button
  • Look for the levers between the seats at the level where the seat belt locks. 
  • Press on the seat back while applying pressure to the lever to fold down the seat.
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