How to Remove the Back Seats from a Mazda CX-5

Wondering how to remove the back seats from a Mazda CX-5? Here's what you need to know.
Written by Brenna Swanston
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
With a
Mazda CX-5
, you'll find different methods of removing the back seat depending on your vehicle's model year. The back seat may be attached by bolts, a clip system, or a folding system with bolts at the front of the seat.
Though this crossover is on the smaller side, the
CX-5 offers ample storage space. With the rear seats folded flat, you can get over 59 cubic feet of cargo volume. But if you need even more space, you can remove the back seats altogether.
, the
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, has put together this guide to removing the back seats of your Mazda CX-5. Let's get into the details.
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Can you remove the second-row seats from a Mazda CX-5?

Yes, you can remove your
Mazda CX-5
's back seats. Keep in mind, however, that the seats aren't designed to be removed regularly, so it may take some elbow grease. We recommend following a few precautions when removing the back seats from your Mazda CX-5:
  • Make sure your belongings are secure. If you're storing luggage or other belongings in the back of your CX-5 while driving, make sure to tightly secure the objects. Otherwise, they may cause an obstruction in case you have to apply emergency braking.
  • Make sure the rear cup holder is empty. If it's not, you may end up damaging or soiling your back row of seats when you fold them down before removal.
  • Keep track of the bolts. If your back seats are attached using bolts, you'll have to remove those bolts to remove the back seats. Make sure not to lose the bolts, or else you won't be able to reinstall the seats.
We recommend folding down your back row of seats first to see if that provides sufficient cargo space for your trip. If not, you're ready to get rolling on rear seat removal.

How to remove the second-row seats from a Mazda CX-5

To unlock your
Mazda CX-5
's full storage capacity, you'll first have to determine how the seats are connected. Some model years feature a bolt system to secure the rear seats, while others use a clip system or a folding system with bolts. Your vehicle's system will determine how to remove the back seats.
If your
Mazda CX-5
uses four bolts to secure the back seats, here's how to remove the seats:
  1. Use a Torx bit to unscrew the nuts at the back of the seat, accessible through the trunk.
  2. Unscrew the nuts under the front of the seat.
  3. Free the seat from its fasteners and remove it.
If your model features a clip system, here's how to take out the back seats:
  1. Lift the seat of the bench to get a good view of the clips holding the seats in place.
  2. The clips are typically made with a metal bit clipped into plastic. Press on the plastic portion with a screwdriver and pull out the metal bit to unfasten the clip.
  3. If you are unable to release the clips with a screwdriver, try pulling them manually.
Mazda CX-5
's rear seats may have a folding system with bolts only securing the front of the seats. In this case, here's how to remove the rear seats:
  1. Tilt the folded seat forward to access the Torx nuts that secure the seat to the vehicle.
  2. Unscrew the bolts and remove the seat.
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How do you put the back seats down in a Mazda CX-5?

For most trips, you can just fold down the back seats of your
Mazda CX-5
instead of removing them entirely. Here's all you have to do, according to the
Mazda CX-5 owner's manual
  1. Make sure the back seats are clear and the rear seat warmers are turned off.
  2. Open the liftgate, and use the remote handle to lower the seatback you want to fold down.
And that's it! Bear in mind that when you fold down the left seatback, the center seatback will fold with it. Likewise, if you are trying to fold down the seats while on a slope, this may make the seats fold more quickly or more difficult to fold.

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Yes, the back seats are removable in a Mazda CX-5. Different model years use different systems to attach the rear seats to the vehicle. Your CX-5 may use bolts, clips, or a folding system with two bolts at the front.
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