How to Remote Start Your Kia K5 2022

The 2022 Kia K5 comes with a remote start key that can get your engine running with the click of a button.
Written by Joshua Levy
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Updated on Nov 28, 2022
The 2022
Kia K5
comes with a handy remote start key that’s also easy to use. Just stand within 500 feet of your car and hold down the remote start button for more than two seconds to start your vehicle with the remote key.
Warming up your engine before you hit the road can be an inconvenience, but it’s an easy way to keep your car in top condition and make the morning commute a little more comfortable. With a remote start key, it’s easier than ever. All you need to do is press a button, and your car will be ready to go before you even finish your morning cup of Joe.
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How to remote start your Kia K5

The Kia K5’s remote start key has a range of 500 feet, though the connection gets weaker as you move further away. For best results, stay within 100 feet of your car when using the remote start button.

Starting the car

  • Press the lock button on your
    key fob
  • Hold down the remote start button for more than 2 seconds.
Remember that your Kia won’t turn on if the doors aren’t locked. Once you start the car, it will run for a maximum of 10 minutes before automatically shutting off.  While that may not seem like a long time, it’s plenty for your car to heat up and get your engine warmed up for the day.

Turning off the engine

  • Press the remote start key to turn off the engine.
That’s it! Since accidentally starting your engine could cause problems, Kia added safeguards to the remote start process—like requiring drivers to lock their doors and hold down the button. But there’s little to no risk associated with stopping the engine. That’s why owners can end their remote start with the simple push of a button.

Kia K5 remote start tips and tricks

Now that you know how to use the remote start feature on your Kia K5, here are a few tips to make the most of it:
  • Use the remote feature while you’re eating breakfast, that way your car be warm by the time you’re done.
  • Only start your car in open areas with good ventilation to prevent accumulating toxic gas like carbon monoxide.
  • You can use the remote start feature to restart the engine if it shuts off before you’re ready.
Key Takeaway It’s best to time your remote start feature with your morning routine and only start your car in a well-ventilated area.

Which Kia K5 models come with remote start?

You can opt for a remote start feature on most new Kias, but only a few models come standard with a remote start key. The following Kias come with the remote start key::

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