Toyota Tacoma Fuel Economy Guide

Choosing the right drivetrain and engine configuration can help you maximize Toyota Tacoma fuel economy.
Written by R.E. Fulton
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Updated on Nov 28, 2022
The six-speed manual transmission coupled with the V6 engine produces the
Toyota Tacoma’s
lackluster fuel economy. 
The Toyota Tacoma is all about power and practicality—but fuel economy is a weakness for all pickup trucks, and the Tacoma is no exception. Want a truck that gets the job done, on-road or off, without any fuss or fanfare, and with one of the only surviving manual transmissions in the business? 
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2022 Toyota Tacoma fuel economy

Three major factors affect your Tacoma’s fuel economy rating:
engine size
, drivetrain, and transmission. Depending on the configuration of all those elements, the combined city/highway fuel economy of the 2022 Toyota Tacoma ranges from a dismal 18 mpg to a barely-better 21 mpg
Let’s break it down: the table below shows EPA fuel economy ratings for all the common Tacoma configurations. 
EPA-rated fuel economy
2.7-liter inline-four
6-speed automatic
20 city/23 highway/21 combined MPG
3.5-liter V6
6-speed automatic
19 city/24 highway/21 combined MPG
2.7-liter inline-four
6-speed automatic
19 city/22 highway/20 combined MPG
3.5-liter V6
6-speed automatic
18 city/22 highway/20 combined MPG
3.5-liter V6
6-speed manual
17 city/21 highway/18 combined MPG
Other factors, such as cab size and trim level, can further affect gas mileage. For instance, the V6 engine mated with the manual transmission in the
Double Cab
TRD Off-Road or TRD Pro trims drops highway fuel efficiency from 21 mpg to just 20 mpg.
In older Tacomas, the same fuel economy ratings hold largely steady over the years. For instance, the popular 4x4 configuration with the base 4-cylinder engine and automatic transmission has gotten the same standard 20 mpg combined since 2016, while 2012-2015 models with the same configuration and a four-speed automatic transmission had a slightly weaker combined fuel economy of 19 mpg
So Toyota Tacoma fuel economy has improved since previous generations—but not by much. 

Toyota Tacoma fuel economy vs. the competition

Nobody shops for a mid-size pickup truck with fuel economy foremost in their mind, so the Tacoma’s low numbers might not be a serious drawback. But how does the Tacoma’s fuel economy compare to other trucks in the mid-size class? 
To get a fair comparison, let’s look at the EPA-rated fuel economy for each truck with the base engine, 4x4 drivetrain, and automatic transmission (the only option on most modern pickups). See how the Tacoma measures up in the table below. 
Gas mileage
2022 Toyota Tacoma
19 city/22 highway/20 combined MPG
19 city/24 highway/21 combined MPG
19 city/24 highway/21 combined MPG
20 city/24 highway/22 combined MPG
18 city/24 highway/21 combined MPG
 To put it simply, none of the leading competitors in the mid-size pickup class have worse fuel economy ratings than the Tacoma. Even the Honda Ridgeline, the only truck in the class with a V6 as the standard base engine, gets better gas mileage on the highway and a better combined rating than the four-cylinder Tacoma. 
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How to optimize fuel economy in a Toyota Tacoma

If you own a Toyota Tacoma—or you’ve got your heart set on one—you might be groaning at these gas mileage numbers. But there’s good news: even in a truck with fuel economy as poor as the Tacoma’s, there are a few easy ways to maximize gas mileage and avoid overpowering fuel expenses. 
Use these simple hacks to keep fuel economy high, even in a Tacoma: 
  • Go easy on the pedal(s). Aggressive braking, abrupt acceleration, and generally jerky driving will all cause your fuel economy to dip. (Pro tip: use cruise control to maximize ride smoothness.) 
  • Lighten the load. We get it, the whole point of owning a truck is
    how much you can haul
    . But try not to use your Tacoma for storage when you don’t have to—extra weight will impact gas mileage. 
  • Keep up with maintenance. Changing out air filters, cleaning spark plugs, and keeping tires full and in correct alignment will all improve your Tacoma’s fuel economy. 
  • Let the truck warm up. Although letting your truck run for a few minutes to warm up might seem like a waste of gas, it’s the opposite: cold-engine driving wastes fuel.
  • Avoid idling. Turn off your truck if you’re going to be stopped for more than 10 minutes. Invest in “fast pass” options for toll roads. Remember, idling = 0 mpg! 

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