How Many Miles Can a Lexus Last

With proper care and maintenance, your Lexus can last over 250,000 miles and up to 15 years. Read more here!
Written by Ethan Moser
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Depending on the age and model of your
, you can expect to get up to 300,000 miles and 15 years of use with proper care and regular maintenance. 
Lexus models might be known first and foremost for their incredible luxury, but they also have a reputation for their reliability and longevity. That being said, determining exactly how long you can expect to be driving your Lexus model will depend on its age, condition, and model, as well as how frequently and effectively you’re keeping up with regular maintenance. 
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. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take a look at how long Lexuses last, which Lexus models are the most and least reliable, and how expensive these luxury cars are to maintain. We’ll also drop some tips and tricks for how you can prolong your Lexus’ lifetime along the way.  
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How many miles can a Lexus last?

Lexuses can last anywhere between 250,000 and 300,000 miles!
Of course, your Lexus's exact longevity will depend on its age, mileage, and model. That being said, Lexus reports that, with proper care and a regular maintenance schedule, any Lexus should be able to rack up more than 200,000 miles before the transmission gives out. 

How many years do Lexuses last?

The average lifespan for a Lexus is between 13 and 15 years
Of course, this will depend on how frequently and how far you drive it, as well as how you treat the model while driving. Again, maintaining a proper care and maintenance schedule will make a world of difference in the longevity of your Lexus
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How reliable is a Lexus?

Reliability for any vehicle is a combination of the car’s safety, longevity, and overall lack of automotive snafus. This strange combination can sometimes make determining the reliability of a Lexus difficult. 

Most reliable: Lexus GS

The 2019
Lexus GS
was given an 84/100 rating for quality and reliability from J.D. Power, which is considered a great rating! They also ranked the GS the #4 midsize premium car for 2019. 
The Lexus GS, on top of receiving great reliability ratings, also boasts a spacious and comfortable interior. This luxury sedan is powered by a 306-horsepower V-6 engine, though the 2017 GS F trim added an optional 467-horsepower V-8 powertrain and a standard suite of safety features

Least reliable: Lexus RX

Despite receiving consistently great ratings on quality and reliability from J.D. Power from 2007 to 2021, the
Lexus RX
is actually one of Lexus’ least reliable models—which bodes well for the manufacturer! The RX’s lower reliability has to do with the fact that early model years suffered from a series of automotive malfunctions. Though these issues have since been addressed in newer model years, drivers of early Lexus RXs reported frequent drivetrain issues, oil leaks, faulty air-conditioning, and issues with the braking system

Are Lexuses expensive to maintain?

Lexus models are relatively inexpensive to maintain when compared to other luxury brands—though they are more expensive than economically priced vehicles. RepairPal reports that the average Lexus driver should expect to spend around $551 a year on maintenance and repair costs. 
Of course, the cost of maintaining your Lexus will ultimately depend on its mileage, age, and how consistently you are keeping up with your maintenance schedule. 


brake pads
are rated to last between 30,000 and 40,000 miles
That being said, your brakes may have a shorter lifetime if your commute involves a lot of stop-and-go-traffic, or if you’re slamming on the brakes more frequently than the average driver. In these cases, you may want to get your brakes inspected more frequently. 
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The tires used on Lexus models are rated to last between 30,000 and 60,000 miles.
If your Lexus is outfitted with all-weather tires, you should aim to replace your tires every three to four years, while standard performance tires may need to be replaced more frequently. Again, like with your brakes, your habits behind the wheel are going to determine how long your tires last before needing to be replaced.


Lexus transmissions can last anywhere between 250,000 and 300,000 miles
To properly care for your Lexus’ transmission, you’ll want to regularly check your transmission fluid level and warm up your Lexus for a few minutes before hitting the streets. 

Spark plugs

You should replace your Lexus’ spark plugs every 30,000 to 40,000 miles.
Signs that you might need to replace your spark plugs include feeling a lack of power when accelerating or issues with your engine running rough or misfiring

How to prolong the lifespan of your Lexus

Did we mention that you should keep a regular maintenance schedule for your Lexus? We might sound like a broken record with the advice, but regularly checking in on the condition of your Lexus is the best way to prolong its lifespan. 
Here are a few tips to help you prolong the life of your Lexus:
  • Follow a schedule: You can find more information on your Lexus’ recommended maintenance schedule in the car’s owner’s manual. This booklet will detail everything you need to know about the services your Lexus needs—like tire rotations and oil changes—and how frequently it needs them. 
  • Buy quality parts: While cheaper aftermarket parts might seem tempting when getting repairs done on your Lexus, splurging on parts that are meant for your Lexus can save you money on maintenance in the long run by avoiding future issues. 
  • Pay attention to car alerts: Don’t keep ignoring your
    Check Engine Light
    ! If your Lexus is telling you that there’s a problem, then there probably is one. You should look into these alerts as soon as possible to avoid further damaging your Lexus. 
  • Keep your car clean: Maintaining your car’s interior and exterior will not only help keep it looking like the luxury Lexus you purchased, but
    washing and waxing
    can help preserve your car’s paint, and vacuuming the interior can help avoid tears. 
Key Takeaway With proper care and following a regular maintenance schedule, your Lexus can last up to 300,000 miles and upwards of 15 years. 

Saving on car insurance on your Lexus

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