How Does Honda Roadside Assistance Work?

Honda Roadside Assistance covers 24-hour emergency roadside services for vehicles under warranty, starting with the 2015 model year.
Written by R.E. Fulton
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Honda Roadside Assistance provides free 24-hour emergency roadside services throughout the warranty term, starting with the 2015 model year.  
Like many major manufacturers, Honda offers free roadside assistance services as part of your warranty when you
buy a new car
or purchase a
Honda extended warranty
. This service can help you manage the logistics, expenses, and stress of an unexpected breakdown so you can get back home safely.
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How does Honda Roadside Assistance work?

Included with new Honda purchases starting with the 2015 model year, Honda Roadside Assistance provides free 124-hour emergency roadside assistance in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico through the vehicle’s warranty term. For most Hondas, that’s three years or 36,000 miles of guaranteed roadside assistance (whichever comes first), but for
Clarity Fuel Cell and Electric Vehicles
, the warranty term is three years and unlimited miles.  
When you think “roadside assistance,” you’re probably picturing flat tire changes—and you’ll get those with Honda Roadside Assistance. But that’s not all! The other services included in Honda’s roadside assistance program include: 
  • Winching
  • Jump starts
  • Fuel delivery (2 gallons max, twice a year)
  • Emergency lockout services 
  • Mechanical tow
  • Accident tow
  • Trip interruption benefits ($100 per day up to $300)
  • Alternate transportation arrangements
  • Hotel reservations
  • Flight information requests
  • Message relays
Honda’s roadside assistance team will even help you locate nearby services stations, ATMs, and banks if you’re stuck in a tight spot due to mechanical trouble!  
However, keep in mind that there are some limits and conditions to these services. For trip interruption benefits, your Honda must be disabled 100 miles or more away from the owner’s primary residence, and the $300 maximum total will only cover “reasonable” expenses like food, lodging, and rental cars for the first three days following the incident

How to use Honda roadside assistance

You can get Honda Roadside Assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling one of two toll-free numbers, depending on what type of Honda you drive: 
  • For gas-powered Hondas: 1-866-864-5211
  • For Clarity Fuel Cell and electric Hondas: 1-866-372-5139
If your Honda was disabled due to a collision, be sure to call 911 first for any emergency medical assistance you or other drivers might need. It’s also important to document any damage caused by a collision so that your insurance company can evaluate your claim. While you wait for roadside assistance, note the circumstances of the accident and take pictures if possible. 
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What if my Honda warranty expired?

You can still get roadside assistance from Honda if your car’s original warranty has expired. Sentinel Services and Sentinel Plus, available as part of the Honda Care extended warranty through
Honda Financial Services
, include roadside assistance along with: 
  • Routine oil changes
  • Road hazard tire protection 
  • Concierge services, including emergency cash advances
  • Extensive component coverage (Sentinel Plus only) 
  • Rental car reimbursement (Sentinel Plus only) 
You’ll have to pay an extra fee, but this extended coverage could prove enormously helpful if you’re stranded by any type of mechanical breakdown. It’s also a great way to offset one of the most routine Honda maintenance costs

Is Honda Roadside Assistance worth it? 

If Honda Roadside Assistance is included in your warranty, congratulations: you’re getting access to a great service for free! If your Honda’s out of warranty, however, paying extra for Honda’s roadside assistance as a standalone service may not be worth it. Although the Honda Care extended warranty options include lots of valuable coverage, the cost could double your monthly car-related expenses
In the end, the answer depends on your budget. But if you’re looking for roadside assistance that won’t break the bank, it may be worth looking into some alternatives to Honda’s roadside assistance program. 

Alternatives to Honda Roadside Assistance

If your warranty is expired and you’re not interested in Honda’s extended warranty options, there are other ways to get roadside assistance for your Honda. Here are a few alternatives to consider: 
  • Cell phone companies (about $5 a month): Easy to link to a phone billing cycle—but not available from all providers
  • Towing and labor coverage
    (under $20 a year): An affordable way to get roadside assistance from most insurers—but you may need to carry
If you’re already carrying
full coverage insurance
, buying roadside assistance coverage through your insurance company might be the most cost-effective option
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How to save money on Honda insurance

Honda Roadside Assistance ensures that you won’t be stranded if your trusty Accord or HR-V breaks down on the open road. But to prepare for accidents, you’ll need a sturdy
car insurance
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If you’re willing to pay a little extra for peace of mind, the Honda Care extended warranty includes some great services, including roadside assistance and towing services. However, it’s looking at alternatives like
towing and labor coverage
through your insurance company if all you need is roadside assistance.
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