Honda Fit Trunk Space

he Honda Fit has 52.7 cubic feet of cargo space when the seats are down, but only 16.6 cubic feet when the seats are up
Written by Joshua Levy
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Honda Fits
feature a maximum cargo space of 52.7 cubic feet with the seats folded down, and 16.6 cubic feet with the seats upright. While that may not seem like a lot, it has a fairly large space relative to other subcompact vehicles. Plus, you can get a base model for as low as $17,120—making it a relatively affordable option.
Trunk space might not seem like an issue in a hatchback, but it’s an important consideration when you’re car shopping. Having space in the back makes everything from cross-country road trips to family getaways much more comfortable. 
Understanding the Honda Fit’s cargo space and how it compares to your other options is key to picking the right vehicle. That’s’ why the
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has compiled this article with everything you need to know about the Honda Fit’s storage capacity. 
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How do you measure trunk space?

When measuring a car’s cargo space, manufacturers consider three numbers: Height, width, and depth. In terms of a Honda Fit, that means all the measurements add up to a total of 52.7 cubic feet.
Of course, hatchbacks don’t have separate trunks. Since the cargo space is simply behind the back row of seats, manufacturers typically measure the space in two numbers:
  • Space with the seats up: Cubic feet behind the back row of seats when they’re up
  • Space with the seats down: Cubic feet behind the front seats when the rear seats are folded
To give consumers an accurate understanding of the space they can expect, manufacturers usually advertise both numbers. For the Honda Fit, potential buyers can expect a total of 52.7 cubic feet with the seats down and 16.6 cubic feet with the seats up
Remember, cubic feet can help you understand the overall volume, but it doesn’t account for the vehicle’s shape. Odd corners, low roofs, or sharp angles can make hauling some items difficult. It could also make long or irregularly shaped objects more uncomfortable to transport. 
To understand exactly what the cargo space means for your car, be sure to check the trunk before you buy it.
If you’re more focused on transporting people than cargo, the trunk shape may not matter too much. In that case, it’s more important to understand the available trunk space when the seats are upright.
Key Takeaway Cargo space in a hatchback or SUV is typically divided into two numbers: one with the seats up, and the other with the seats down.

Honda Fit trunk space 

Number of seats: 5
Space with seats up: 16.6 cubic feet
Space with seats down: 52.7 cubic feet
Honda Fits seat five people at most and can carry up to 52.7 cubic feet worth of luggage with the seats down or 16.6 cubic feet with the seats up. Considering the average suitcase is around 4 cubic feet, you should have plenty of space for a family trip
If you’re traveling alone, you should have enough space for specialized equipment like tents, skis, snowboards, or building supplies.

How does the Honda Fit’s trunk space compare to other subcompact hatchbacks? 

While the Honda Fit has somewhat less trunk space than the
Kia Rio
and the
Chevrolet Sonic
with the seats up, it has more space than the average subcompact hatchback when the seats are down. 
Aside from its larger-than-average trunk capacity, the Honda Fit is an affordable option for anyone who needs a reliable hatchback. Given its starting price of $17,120, reliable reputation, and ample trunk space, the Honda Fit is a great option for anyone in the market for a new hatchback.

How to check trunk space

Since manufacturers don’t consider odd shapes or irregular bends when measuring your trunk space, you’ll typically get a more accurate measurement on your own.  
Bring a measuring tape to the dealership when you’re checking out cars and make sure the trunk space is up to your standards. Be sure to check how easy it is to lower and adjust the seats since that will be central to your storage-space experience. 
Remember, numbers can be abstract—even in inches and feet. The best way to make sure the trunk space will fit your needs is to bring a familiar object and see how it fits in the trunk. If you have an everyday bag/backpack that you like, try placing it in the trunk and seeing how well it fits.  

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