Mazda CX-9 Trunk Space

The Mazda CX-9 has 14.4 cubic feet of trunk cargo space, but that expands to 38.2 cubic feet with the rear seats folded.
Written by Macy Fouse
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
The Mazda CX-9 is a crossover SUV with 14.4 cubic feet of cargo space behind the third row, and 38.2 cubic feet with those seats folded. Starting at $36,505, the CX-9 earns an 8.5/10 rating from Car and Driver
Cargo space is a big draw when it comes to crossover SUVs. Crossovers are popular for having the versatility and space of an SUV but the easy-to-handle nature of sedans.
When shopping for a crossover SUV, you’ll want to check the cargo capacity and know what that entails, including how it compares to other vehicles in its class. Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry—
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How is trunk space measured?

Figuring out a car’s trunk space isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. Since crossovers and SUVs don’t have an enclosed trunk space, their trunk capacity is derived from two different figures: 
  • Cargo space with rear seats up: cubic feet available behind the rear seats
  • Cargo space with rear seats folded: cubic feet available behind the front seats with rear seats folded down
To measure different areas for cargo volume, manufacturers calculate the height, width, and length of the space to come up with the total cubic feet. SUV trunk space includes the space above headrests and the bottom of the cargo bed. 
Every vehicle shape is different, so measuring cubic feet is not an exact process. The final measurement may not account for the vehicle’s various curves and contours, or any incline the folded rear seats cause. 
It’s important to bear in mind how much cargo and how many passengers you plan to transport together. If you’ll need the rear seats often, you’ll want to focus on the cargo volume with the rear seats up. 
Key Takeaway Manufacturers measure cargo space in cubic feet, but that number doesn’t encapsulate the whole picture. 

Mazda CX-9 trunk space 

Number of seats: 6 or 7
Cargo volume with rear seats up: 14.4 cubic feet
Cargo volume with rear seats down: 38.2 cubic feet
The CX-9 is a crossover SUV with room for 6 or 7 passengers. If you’re using all available seats, you’ll have a little over 14 cubic feet of space to work with in the rear cargo area. The average suitcase measures about 4 cubic feet, so you can fit about 3 suitcases in the rear area before needing to fold down the seats. 
If you can fold the seats down, you increase your cargo space to 38.2 cubic feet and can fit around 9 suitcases in the back. Fold down all the rear seats and the space turns into 71.2 cubic feet, which totals to about 17 suitcases. 

How does the Mazda CX-9’s trunk space compare to other SUVs? 

The Mazda CX-9 has less cargo space than other three-row midsize crossovers. Its cargo volume wins out over the
Acadia, but the
Telluride and
Palisade offer more space. When talking strictly about trunk space with rear seats up, the CX-9 beats the Nissan Murano, but the Murano has more cargo space when all the seats are down. 
Not only does it have less cargo space than many of its rivals, but the CX-9 is also slightly pricier than the others, so it all comes down to a matter of personal preference. 
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How to check trunk space

While the manufacturers try to be precise, their measurements of cargo space aren’t always 100% accurate. 
If you want to calculate cargo and trunk space for yourself, just bring a tape measure down to the dealership with you. Be sure to note how the seats fold down or how simple the interior may be to pack. 
The best way to get a feel for an SUV’s cargo space is to use real objects. Bring a piece of luggage, empty box, or another item with you to the dealership to see how it’ll fit in the vehicle. Take photos of the object in various spaces to get a permanent visual.

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