Delaware Red Light Cameras

A Delaware red light camera ticket costs $140. You can pay the ticket or fight it in court.
Written by Maxine Boyko
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A red light camera ticket in Delaware can cost you up to $140 in fines, so it’s essential to address the citation promptly and know your options for disputing a red light running allegation. 
Red light cameras record videos and take photographs to document physical evidence of traffic violations at intersections. These cameras can make high-risk intersections safer, but they don’t always deliver accuracy. 
If you think you’ve received a citation in error, you need to know your options for challenging it. 
Running a red light in Delaware can cost you a pretty penny, but the process for challenging a ticket doesn’t have to be ugly. In this article,
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Red light cameras are legal to capture traffic violators in Delaware. It’s a small state, but there are dozens of red light cameras throughout Delaware. The following areas have the highest number of red light cameras: 
  • New Castle County highways
  • The city of
  • The city of
  • Sussex County
You can check for red light cameras that are operational in your area by contacting your local government. 

What should I do if I receive a red light camera ticket?

If you receive a red light camera ticket, you can either pay the fine or challenge the citation. A red light camera violation in Delaware costs $112.50
Since a red light camera violation is a civil offense, it won’t add any points to your record. Keep in mind, however, that failure to pay the fine may result in additional financial penalties and may block you from registering a vehicle or renewing your vehicle registration. We’ll go over your options when choosing whether to challenge or pay your ticket. 

How to pay a red light camera ticket 

You can conveniently pay your red light camera ticket
. After entering your ticket number, follow the directions for processing your payment. Once the payment goes through, a confirmation page will load, and you will have the option to send a receipt to your e-mail. 
Remember to pay your entire ticket fine promptly. A $10 penalty will be applied 21, 45, and 90 days after the ticket issuance date. The maximum penalty for a red light camera ticket is $140.
In some states, including Delaware, each violation notice also includes a website where you can view your video footage. This can help you determine whether you want to pay or challenge the ticket. 

How to fight a red light camera ticket

If you choose to fight the ticket, you must file a written appeal within 30 days of the initial notice.
Red light camera tickets are mailed to the registered vehicle owner, so the owner is the alleged suspect. You can get out of a ticket by proving you weren’t driving by supplying: 
  • A police report indicating that your vehicle was stolen
  • A written agreement showing someone else was driving (such as a car rental or lease)
  • An alibi of being elsewhere (on a business trip, for instance)
  • Proof you ran the red light so you could yield to an emergency vehicle
  • Evidence you were driving in a funeral procession at the time of the violation
Once you know the exceptions and understand the procedure for dealing with a red light camera violation, it’s pretty simple to beat the ticket.

How does a red light camera work?

Red light cameras capture pictures and video footage of vehicles crossing into the intersection after the light has turned red using sensors affixed to traffic lights. If you cross into the intersection while the light is red, the system will collect the following evidence: 
  • Photos of the driver going through the light
  • The date and time
  • Violation location
Delaware works with third-party vendors to implement their red light safety camera programs. While the vendor provides the service and maintains the equipment, local governments select the sites and ensure safe engineering and policy decisions.
Running red lights is a serious problem, accounting for 846 fatalities and 143,000 injuries in 2019 alone. The
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS)
found that large cities that implement red light cameras reduced their red light running crash rate fatalities by 21%.  
MORE: How red light cameras keep drivers safe

How to find affordable car insurance in Delaware

If you are cited for a red light running camera violation, it is considered a civil offense in Delaware—meaning the ticket will not impact your insurance rate. 
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Red light camera tickets will only arrive by mail in Delaware. If you have any questions or concerns regarding a suspicious ticket, you can contact the court to confirm its legitimacy.
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