Every Cadillac Sports Car You Should Know

Luxury sedans and SUVs may be what Cadillac is most well-known for, but they also make a mean sports car—learn more here!
Written by Drew Waterstreet
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
is obviously known as a luxury automobile brand first and foremost. But when Cadillac wants to design a car that goes vroom-vroom, it has the engineering expertise to do that as well—the
CT5-V Blackwing
and the
being two prominent examples.
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, is here to give you a complete history of Cadillac’s need for speed. We’ll cover a popular, unique, and recent model released by the luxury automaker, as well as a comprehensive breakdown of how their R&D department has concocted the perfect sports car formula.

Does Cadillac make sports cars?

Yes! Cadillac sports cars are easily recognizable by the V-Series high-performance package that is added to the nameplate of the standard models. Here’s an analysis of popular, unique, and recent Cadillac models that have perfected the formula for luxury and power.
This isn’t your grandpa's luxury long-body Cadillac—the
is an absolute ripster that can tear up the open road. With a twin-turbo V6 engine producing over 460 horsepower, this truly is the perfect formula for luxury and power. 
And the performance is only half the fun! Its scooped hood, rear spoiler, and widebody stance give it an aggressive yet sophisticated look. You can find a used 2016 model for around $30,000, which is a considerable value compared to its original starting price of over $60,000.

Unique: 2004 to 2009 Cadillac XLR

was Cadillac’s unique rendition of the
Chevrolet Corvette
, copying its unique stance but packaging it with Cady’s signature luxurious flare. And believe it or not, it could produce similar power. 
Under the hood of the XLR, you would find a supercharged 443-hp 4.4-liter Northstar V8. You could also find an XLR with the V-Series performance trim, which enabled Magnetic Ride Control for the smoothest driving experience you could imagine.
And the fun didn’t stop there. After forking over the $85,000 at the dealership for a brand-new XLR, those lucky first buyers received a free $3,000 limited-edition Bulgari wristwatch as a complimentary gift!
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Recent: 2022 CT5-V Blackwing

You may want to sit down for this one because what we’re about to tell you may be shocking. The 2022
CT5-V Blackwing
is a sedan that can power you from zero to sixty in a blistering 3.4 seconds—any car with that kind of speed is deserving of the sports car title. 
This type of performance is thanks to its 668-hp 6.2-liter supercharged V8 engine and innovative induction and exhaust systems.
You may want to get one of these while you still can—Cadillac pledges to transition its CT5 lineup from traditional combustion engines to electric by 2025. We can’t knock the environmentally-charged motives, but we’ll miss the traditional sports car driving experience.

A history of the Cadillac sports car

Cadillac will always be known as a luxury automaker first, but it’s an interesting story of how they dipped their toes into the sports car market. Circle around the campfire and let us explain.
1902 to 1999: Entirely a luxury automotive brand, Cadillac produced coupes, sedans, convertibles, and even some of the first horseless stagecoaches back in the day.
2000: Cadillac returned to the American Le Mans Racing Series after a 50-year hiatus with their Northstar LMP, which was appropriately named after its Northstar V8 engine. The project was canceled after a short two years as General Motors continued to focus on the Corvette, but it did ignite a flame for the future of Cadillac sports cars.
2002: The release of the CTS was a big step towards producing a mass-market sports car under the Cadillac nameplate. It was still just a luxury car but it would serve as the frame for the upcoming high-performance V-Series.
2003: The Cadillac XLR was introduced as a luxury alternative to the Chevy Corvette.
2004: Cadillac officially debuts its high-performance V-Series sports car division with the release of the CTS-V. Later versions of this sports car were approaching 200 mph and a sub-4-second zero-to-sixty time. At a price of around $70,000, this sports car was worth every penny!
2005: Cadillac also slapped the V-Series performance package on the existing STS model. The STS-V closely resembled the CTS-V, but it was longer and held on a little tighter to some traditional luxury aesthetics from pre-2000 Cadillacs. Equipped with a 4.6L V8 NorthStar engine, the STS-V performed at 320 horsepower and accelerated to 60 mph in 6 seconds.
2016: The Cadillac ATS existed on the market for four years before it got its own V-Series version in 2016.
2019: The trend continues—after three years of the base CT6, the V-Series high-performance package was also added to this model. The 550-hp V8 under the hood of the CT6-V could propel this bad boy up to 150 mph with ease.
Present: Today, you’ll find the
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