How Many Seats Does a Bentley Continental GT Have?

The ritzy 2023 Bentley Continental GT comes with four seats, but you could barely call the rear “seats” seats.
Written by Jason Tushinski
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
The 2023 Bentley Continental GT comes with just four seats, no matter which trim of this luxurious coupe you decide to buy.
A family-friendly passenger vehicle the Bentley Continental GT is not. Sure, it's got room for your paramour and two small butlers (okay fine, children) in the rear, but fully-grown adults will have a hard time getting comfortable back there. Its limited legroom and low ceiling are thanks to the Continental GT’s low, sloping roofline.
So, before you cram your lover and your staff (right, sorry—small children) into a Bentley Continental GT, you’re going to want to get the lowdown on this sleek and richly appointed coupe’s interior seating specifications. 
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How many seats does the 2023 Bentley Continental GT have?

The Bentley Continental GT will only seat four C-suite executi—occupants, we meant to say. This applies to each and every Continental trim level, from the base-level Coupe to the top-trim Speed Convertible. 
Considering the “base” Bentley starts at $210,000, you can be sure there is nothing about those seating conditions that will feel basic, from the sumptuous upholstery to the premium finishes. 

Do all Bentley Continental GTs have two rows of seats?

Yes, all Bentley Continental GTs have two rows of seats. No Bentley Continental GTs come with three rows of seats. In fact, you could argue that the second row barely counts, with just 36.7 inches of headroom. 

2023 Bentley Continental GT interior

If you’re expecting a luxurious sitting experience, you’ll get it in the Bentley Continental GT. So what if there are only four seats in this razzle-dazzle luxury coupe? 
Sink into the plush and aromatic leather upholstery, taking a moment to marvel at the double-stitched diamond seat patterns. Marvel at the gorgeous wood trim and stylish metallic interior accents, and feel the music from the incredible Naim audio system. 
Okay, technically the Naim system is optional, but we here at Jerry are pretty sure getting all frugal when it comes to the Continental GT’s entertainment system isn’t exactly in your DNA… right?
In terms of trunk space, there actually is one—rejoice! It’s not huge, but this Bentley’s 12.6 cubic feet of cargo space is more than enough to throw a few bags in for a weekend getaway to the spa.


Cagey as they are, the good folks at Bentley Motors have only given us the following dimensions for the 2023 Bentley Continental GT:
  • Front headroom: 40.1 inches
  • Rear headroom: 36.7 inches
We here at Jerry admit—that’s not a whole lot to go on. So just take our word for it when we say that the Bentley Continental GT’s front seats have sufficient headroom and legroom. 
The rear seat’s headroom is on the lower end, due to this coupe’s sloping roofline. Rear-seat legroom? Don’t expect much of it.

Cargo space

If you’re really interested in how much cargo you can stuff into a Bentley Continental GT, we’ve got news for you—you’re looking at the wrong vehicle because it's not much. The Continental GT boasts just 12.6 cubic feet of trunk space. Of course, if you don’t have anyone riding in the rear seat, that’s a handy extra cargo area where you can throw a couple of bags or small suitcases.
If you really want cargo space to go along with unmatched automotive luxury, you might want to take a gander at the BentleyBentayga, a luxury SUV with more space.
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Which other Bentley vehicles can seat more people?

If you must haul the children to their croquet lessons in the utmost style, then you might want to look at the Bentley Bentayga SUV. This luxury liner of a vehicle, which starts at $167,000, can seat up to seven people with its three rows of seats. You’ll have to opt for the second-row bench seat and pop-up two-seat third row if you’re hell-bent on hauling that much humanity in the lap of luxury. Both rear rows are surprisingly roomy, though, and can seat adults comfortably. 
Of course, if you decide to ditch the kids (public transportation is a perfectly reasonable way to get around, after all), you can opt for two second-row bucket seats. But with this configuration, you’ll only be able to seat four in the Bentayga. 

How to save on Bentley Continental GT insurance costs

Now, if you’re wondering whether your insurance premium will be high for a Bentley Continental GT, you’re right to be concerned. This is, after all, a luxury imported coupe, so insurance will be more expensive than the average vehicle. 
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