2007 Honda Civic Gas Tank Size

The 2007 Honda Civic gas tank fits anywhere between 8 and 13.2 gallons, depending on your chosen trim.
Written by Meaghan Branham
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Updated on Nov 08, 2022
Depending on the trim you select, your
2007 Honda Civic
comes equipped with a fuel tank that holds anywhere from 8 to 13.2 gallons. 
The Civic has become known as one of the most fuel-efficient compact cars since its introduction way back in 1972. A lot has changed since then, but the Civic is still setting the standard for fuel economy, comfortability, and reliability — and drivers keep coming back to it.
But can the Honda Civic’s fuel capacity meet your budget’s needs with the recent rise in gas prices?
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How big is the gas tank on a 2007 Honda Civic?

The Honda Civic has long been an industry and fan favorite in the compact sedan market. But what can you expect from the fuel tank of this superstar? The fuel tank capacity of a 2007 Honda Civic ranges between 8 and 13.2 gallons depending on the trim.
The smallest fuel tank belongs to the
GX trim
, which is equipped with a 1.8-liter 4-cylinder CNG engine and holds the equivalent of about 8 gallons of gas. 
On the other end of the spectrum, the fuel tank that holds the most gas comes on both the sedan and coupe versions of the
, and
trims. Despite having different engines — the DX, LX, and EX trims all come with a1.8-liter 4-cylinder, while the Si carries a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder — all of the variations of these trims share a fuel capacity of 13.2 gallons
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How to check your 2007 Honda Civic’s gas tank size

If you don’t want to just take our word for it, you can double-check the gas tank size of your Honda Civic in a few different ways.  

Measure the gas tank

If you’re not afraid of a little math, you can always check the gas tank size by calculating it yourself. Get the width, length, and height of the tank, then multiply these values together. Then, divide that number by 231 — the number of cubic inches in a gallon. Your result is your 2007 Civic’s fuel tank capacity in gallons!

Check your owner’s manual

Your 2007 Honda Civic owner’s manual should also have this info if you have it handy. Check the index for “fuel tank size” or “fuel tank capacity”, and you should find it quickly. 

Drive till empty, then fill it up

If you don’t have your owner’s manual, and you don’t feel up to calculating the size yourself, you can always try a classic. Just drive around until that fuel gauge hits “E”, and then fill ‘er up. 
However many gallons you can fit will be a good estimate of the total fuel capacity. Be careful not to drive for too long on empty though, and make sure to have a gas station nearby at all times!

How to save on fuel costs in a Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is rated for up to 30 mpg in the city and 40 mpg on the highway, which is exciting news for drivers hoping to get the most out of their gas tanks. Still, even the most fuel-efficient rides could be made even better with a few simple steps:  
  • Keep up with maintenance. Keeping up with regularly scheduled maintenance for your Honda Civic can help you get more miles per gallon. 
  • Avoid harsh acceleration. Going too hard on the gas pedal too quickly eats up unnecessary gas, so try to take it easy. 
  • Avoid idling, especially in cold weather. If you can, try not to waste too much gas letting your car idle, even if it's just in an effort to warm up in colder months. 

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