Suzuki Paint Codes

Depending on your model, Suzuki paint codes can be located in one of six places in your vehicle, and are usually a combination of three digits.
Written by Kathryn Mae Kurlychek
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
The paint code for your Suzuki can be found on the metal plate with the VIN number. Depending on your car model, check the firewall on the passenger side, center, or driver’s side of your car, or the fender wall, in the glove box, or on the driver’s side doorjamb.
It happens without you even noticing—then one day, as you’re getting in your car, you see it. A scratch! Cosmetic damage to your Suzuki can feel inevitable, but when it happens you don’t have to leave it there like a battle scar. Correcting small blemishes can be accomplished easily at home!
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Where can I find my Suzuki’s paint code?

Depending on your model, Suzuki paint codes are typically located in one of six locations. 
Check these spots out:
  • Beneath the hood on your car’s firewall
  • On either the passenger or driver’s side in the center
  • The fender wall near the firewall
  • The glove box
  • On the driver’s side door edge
  • On the driver’s side doorjamb
The paint code will be a series of three digits, including both letters and numbers. Once you’ve found it, you can use
this chart
to determine the exact color of your Suzuki! 

What if there’s no paint code on the car’s label?

If you’ve checked every location and still can’t find the paint tag, you may have to look it up manually using the VIN. 
Your VIN’s location varies by model, but you can use
this chart
to look up your vehicle model and the location of your VIN. 

Where can I get paint for my Suzuki?

Once you’ve got your paint code, it’s time to order new paint! You can
order new paint
or a paint repair kit through virtually any automotive website, as long as you know your car’s year, model, and paint code. 
You may also be able to find similar products in auto shops or through your Suzuki dealership

Paint touch-up tips

Once you’ve got ahold of your new paint, it’s time to get to work! Here are some tips to make the touch-up process go more smoothly:
  • Before you start, wash the damaged area with soap and water
  • If the area is rusty, use fine sandpaper or a wire brush to wear the rust away
  • Apply primer to any bare metal or plastic you want to paint and allow it to dry overnight. Once the area is dry, sand it gently to create an even surface.
  • Paint the area with the color matching the rest of the car. Apply several coats, and wait 20 minutes between coats. Let the final layer dry overnight.
  • Add a clear protective coat using the same method as painting. Apply several layers, and allow to dry overnight.
  • After three days, buff the area with a rubbing compound to make it shine!
Ta-da! Your Suzuki should now be as blemish-free as the day you bought it, and now you have the skills to handle future cosmetic damage head-on. 

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Your car’s manufacturer has codes for every color of vehicle they make. Suzuki paint codes are usually located in one of several places: beneath the hood on the firewall (driver’s side, center, or passenger’s side), on the fender wall, in the glove box, along the driver’s side door edge, or along the driver’s side door jamb. 
The code itself is three digits comprised of both letters and numbers.
Yes! If you’re looking to touch up a blemish on your Suzuki’s paint, you can do so easily at home with a paint repair kit. For paint jobs that are more extensive (like full-body paint jobs), it’s best to take your car to a professional.
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