Mini Cooper Tire Pressure

The recommended Mini Cooper tire pressure tends to be around 35 psi in the front and 32 psi in the rear, but exact recommendations vary by trim and tire size.
Written by David Ghanizadeh-Khoob
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
The recommended Mini Cooper tire pressure is between 32 and 42 psi depending on the trim and tire size of the vehicle. Look in your owner’s manual or driver’s side door jamb for your exact tire pressure recommendation.
Maintaining the correct tire pressure is important for getting the best fuel efficiency, reducing wear and tear, and reducing your risk of a blowout. Tires that are under-inflated by just three psi can get 1% worse fuel efficiency and 10% more wear.
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What is the right tire pressure for a Mini Cooper?

The exact recommended tire pressure for your Mini Cooper will depend on the trim, year, and tire size. As a rule of thumb, you can aim for 35 psi in the front tires and 32 psi in the rear tires, but it is essential to check your owner’s manual or driver’s side door jamb for the recommendation for your Mini. 
Depending on your tire size and trim, the tire pressure can range from 32 to 42 psi, and getting this right is important. Overinflating your tires by just a few psi can increase your risk of a blowout and increase the wear on your tires.
Below is a more detailed breakdown of the recommended tire pressure by tire size for the Mini Cooper:
Tire size
Front tire pressure
Rear tire
15” rim (175/65R15)
35-38 psi
32-33 psi
16” rim (195/55R16)
32-35 psi
32 psi
17” rim (205/45R17/XL)
35-39 psi
32-35 psi
18” rim (205/40R18/XL)
39-42 psi
33-36 psi
You can find your tire size on the side of your tire to help you find the correct pressure recommendation.
If you live somewhere with cold, snowy winters, you should swap out for winter tires when the temperatures drop. Winter tires should usually be inflated 3 to 5 psi above the manufacturer’s recommendation to account for pressure differences caused by the cold.

How to check Mini Cooper tire pressure

Checking your Mini Cooper tire pressure is a quick and easy affair. You will just need a
tire pressure gauge
. If you don’t have a tire pressure gauge, the pumps at a gas station air fill station usually have one built in.
To check your tire pressure, remove the valve stem cap and cover the valve stem with the tire pressure gauge. The gauge will give you a pressure reading that you can use to inflate or refute your tires as needed.
Before you check your tire pressure, you might notice some signs that one or more tires are getting low by the way your vehicle drives. Decreased performance (particularly fuel efficiency), an uneven ride, or abnormal steering responsiveness are all signs of low tire pressure.  

How often should you check tire pressure?

You should keep an eye on your tire pressure by checking it once a month or before any particularly long drives. Of course, if you have any reason to suspect your tire pressure is off, it is best to just stop and check.

How to tell if your Mini Cooper needs new tires

Most tires will last around 50,000 to 60,000 miles. That amounts to around three to five years based on average annual driving habits. Several factors will affect these numbers, though, like the material of the tire, your typical driving conditions, and your driving habits. Look out for low tread depth, bulges, and cracks in your tires–all of which are cause for tire replacement.
Most tires should be retired when they reach a tread depth of 1/16”. A handy trick for checking your tire depth is the penny method. Insert a penny between the tread in your tire Lincoln’s-head-first. If you can see the top of Honest Abe’s head, then your tread is too low.
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How to reset the Mini Cooper tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) light

Your Mini Cooper has a sensor that monitors its tire pressure—the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). If your tires get low, the TPMS light will turn on. Usually, when you re-inflate your tires, the TPMS light will turn off, though sometimes you will have to drive at 50 mph for 10 minutes for the system to recalibrate. 
If your TPMS light doesn’t reset on its own, you can reset it manually. For Mini Coopers made after 2007 (or 2009 for convertibles) just follow these steps:
  1. Start the engine 
  2. Push the button on the end of the turn signal lever until your dashboard message center displays “SET/INFO”
  3. Press and hold the button until the message changes, and keep clicking the button until you see the TPMS symbol and “RESET” are displayed
  4. Press and hold the button until the display changes 
  5. The system will now recalibrate your tire pressure while you drive
If you have a pre-2008 Mini Cooper, the process is similar but less digital. On these models, there is a TPMS reset button usually located next to the emergency brake. Turn the car on without starting the engine and hold this button down for a few seconds. The system will calibrate after driving for several minutes.
If this doesn’t fix the issue, you might want to take your Mini to a dealership or local shop to diagnose the issue.

How to save on Mini Cooper insurance

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