How to Find Your Mercedes-Benz Radio Code

You can find your Mercedes-Benz radio code in your owner’s manual, or look it up using your vehicle identification number.
Written by Kathryn Mae Kurlychek
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Any time the battery in your Mercedes-Benz dies, is disconnected, or is replaced, you’ll have to enter a radio code to regain control of your sound system. Your Mercedes-Benz radio code can be found inside your owner’s manual or via lookup using your
Mercedes VIN
Radio codes are useful for preventing sound system theft—but unfortunately, your Mercedes-Benz can’t always tell the difference between a would-be burglar and routine car battery maintenance. 
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Why do I need a Mercedes-Benz radio code? 

If you’ve never seen your Mercedes-Benz radio blinking with the “code” message before, you’re probably asking yourself: what is a radio code and where can I find one? 
The answer is surprisingly simple! Your radio code is a series of numbers specific to your car’s radio. Manufacturers assign radio codes to help curb sound system theft since radios are a popularly stolen component of luxury vehicles. Any time your battery dies, is disconnected, or is replaced, you’ll need to enter your radio code to regain the function of your sound system. 
While it may seem like a pain, cracking your car’s radio code can be accomplished in just a few steps. 

How to find your Mercedes-Benz radio code

The first place you should look for your Mercedes-Benz radio code is in your owner’s manual
The exact location of the code may vary, so you’ll want to check under the manual’s “stereo,” “radio,” and/or “security” sections for the code. Alternatively, it may be tucked inside the first or last few pages of your manual—either on the pages themselves or printed on a business-sized card placed inside the manual. 

How to look up your Mercedes-Benz radio code

Let’s say you’ve lost your owner’s manual. Maybe you’re bad with records or maybe you bought your car used—whatever the case, there’s still a way for you to retrieve your radio code: your vehicle identification number (VIN)
Your 17-digit VIN is specific to your vehicle (like your radio code) and can be found in a number of places. Try checking your driver’s side doorjamb, the base of your windshield, or the far edge of your dashboard for a tag or sticker. 
Once you have the VIN, there are a couple of options for retrieving your actual radio code:
  • Call Mercedes-Benz customer assistance at 1-800-FOR-MERCEDES (1-800-367-6372)
  • Visit your local Mercedes-Benz dealer for assistance
  • Mail your request for your radio code to the following address: Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC Customer Assistance Center 1 Mercedes Benz Drive, Sandy Springs, GA 30328

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