Mazda 6 Battery Size

The Mazda 6’s i-ELOOP system has a major impact on how its battery works. Learn more about the Mazda 6 battery here.
Written by Katherine Duffy
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
The battery size for the Mazda 6 is 12.6V and belongs to battery group size 35. The 6’s i-ELOOP system improves the Mazda 6’s battery efficiency, but it’s an expensive part to replace. 
The Mazda 6 has been a long-time staple in Mazda’s model lineup, and for good reason—it’s a reliable, comfortable, and sleek sedan used by young professionals and families alike. Recently, Mazda started integrating its proprietary i-ELOOP system into the Mazda 6, which has improved its battery efficiency but is expensive to replace. 
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How big is a Mazda 6 battery?

Since 2014, Mazda has outfitted all Mazda 6’s with their proprietary i-ELOOP system, which includes an i-ELOOP battery. The system was created to harness excess energy from the engine and convert it into a usable energy supply for systems like your A/C and radio. It does this with a 12V-25V variable voltage alternator which sends its excess power to the 12.6V battery for more efficient power use. 
The actual battery’s dimensions depend on what year your Mazda 6 was manufactured. Here’s a breakdown of each model year’s battery group size and dimensions:
Model year
Battery group size
9.0625 x 6.9375 x 8.875 in
9.5 x 6.9375 x 6.9375 in
11 x 6.9375 x 6.9375 in

Mazda 6 battery lifespan 

The Mazda 6 battery lifespan is typically 3 to 4 years long, although your battery’s lifespan can be impacted by the climate you live in and how often you drive it. Conserve your battery’s lifespan by using these tips and tricks: 
  • Test your battery voltage often: Keeping an eye on your battery’s voltage at home with a voltmeter is one of the best ways to ensure your battery is working efficiently. A fully charged battery should fall between 12.4 and 12.8 volts. 
  • Drive your car regularly: Your car’s battery performs best when it’s regularly used. Aim to take your car out at least once a week for about a half hour to keep the battery healthy. 
  • Don’t use electronic systems when your car isn’t running: Using electronic systems, such as your radio, lights, or climate control system when your car isn’t running drains your battery quickly. Avoid turning these systems on if your engine isn’t running.
  • Get your car serviced often: Prevent unexpected, battery-related breakdowns by bringing your car in for regular tune-ups at your local mechanic. When you visit your mechanic for your next tune-up, make sure to specifically ask about your battery’s health. 

Can the Mazda 6’s OEM i-ELOOP battery be replaced? 

With the subtle but advanced i-ELOOP system that’s included in all Mazda 6s after 2014, you might be wondering, “can I replace my original i-ELOOP battery with a different battery?”. 
Thankfully, you can replace the battery with an aftermarket battery once the OEM battery is no longer usable. You’re able to put another i-ELOOP battery in your Mazda 6, but you’ll have to visit your local Mazda dealership to do so and the total cost can be more than $500
If you’re looking for a less expensive option that’s compatible with the i-ELOOP system, consider these options: 
While each of these batteries is a cost-efficient, effective option, it’s best to check with your local mechanic to ensure your choice is a compatible option for your Mazda 6. 
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How to save on Mazda 6 insurance

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