What Does the Land Rover CPO Warranty Cover?

A Land Rover CPO warranty extends coverage for up to two years beyond the original factory warranty. But is getting a used Land Rover a good idea?
Written by Amber Reed
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
A Land Rover certified pre-owned (CPO) warranty includes coverage for either one year/unlimited miles or two years/100,000 miles. 
Land Rovers have a storied reputation as one of the most intensely capable off-road vehicles out there, and also one of the pricier luxury SUVs on the market. Buying used can be a smart way to get into a luxury vehicle for less money, but how do you know that you’re not getting a beautiful lemon? To make buyers feel more confident, Land Rover offers a CPO warranty on select used vehicles that meet the criteria. 
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Land Rover certified pre-owned (CPO) warranty coverage

Land Rover’s CPO warranty comes with select used Land Rovers. This coverage is added to the original factory warranty of four years or 50,000 miles and will result in additional warranty coverage for either one or two years. 
As mentioned, Land Rover’s new car warranty duration is four years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. This applies to both the basic and powertrain aspects of the warranty. Land Rover states that the CPO warranty is either for one year/unlimited miles or two years/100,000 miles. For the two-year/100,000-mile option, the warranty expires at whatever parameter comes first.
There doesn’t seem to be any publicly available information as to what determines which warranty duration a vehicle gets, so make sure to enquire at the dealership for details. 
All CPO Land Rovers have to be less than five years old and have fewer than 60,000 miles on them, so it’s likely that you could be purchasing a used car with some of the original warranty still on it. In that case, the CPO warranty will activate when the new car warranty ends. A nice perk of Land Rover’s CPO warranty is that unlike a lot of other CPO or extended warranties, there is no deductible

What’s covered

Land Rover’s website claims that the brand “helped pioneer the concept of Certified Pre-Owned vehicles for the luxury market.” That’s nice and all, but what exactly does a Land Rover CPO cover? 
Well, the specifics that Land Rover gives on their website are, frankly, not terribly specific. In broad terms, a warranty covers problems caused by poor workmanship or faulty parts. Land Rover states that its CPO warranty is one of the most comprehensive among luxury brands and that it covers repairs needed due to “unexpected and sudden mechanical or electrical failure.”
Some sources report that Land Rover’s CPO is essentially bumper-to-bumper, and covers most powertrain components—as well as things like the steering system and the climate control. Make sure to ask the dealership what exactly is covered in your CPO. 

What isn’t covered

Land Rover does state that the CPO warranty doesn’t cover everything, and gives regular maintenance and tire rotations as examples of things that are not covered. 
And as with any kind of warranty, it won’t cover normal wear and tear, or damage caused by misuse or neglect

Additional benefits

In addition to the warranty itself, there are a few extra perks that come along with a Land Rover CPO warranty. Here’s what you’ll get: 
  • Roadside Assistance: This means you can get assistance 365 days a week, 24/7 for any kind of car trouble—from a breakdown or accident to a simple lockout.  
  • Complimentary vehicle history report: You’ll get a copy of your Land Rover’s vehicle history report, which includes things like accident damage and mileage reports.
  • Trip interruption benefits: If your car breaks down while you’re away from home, this will entitle you to reimbursement for expenses such as lodging and transportation. 

Is a Land Rover CPO warranty transferable?

Yes! If you decide to sell your used Land Rover before the warranty expires, it’s fully transferable to a new owner. Another bonus? It doesn’t look like there’s a fee associated with the transfer process. 

Land Rover CPO program certification process

Buying a used car can sometimes feel like a bit of a gamble, as you never know what happened before you came along! But fortunately, Land Rover has some very rigorous criteria a vehicle has to meet before it gets the distinction of being a Certified Pre-Owned Land Rover. 
To start with, the vehicle must be less than five years old and have fewer than 60,000 miles on it. The vehicle must pass a thorough 165-point inspection, and any issues have to be corrected at an authorized Land Rover retailer with genuine parts only. 
This 165-point inspection includes things from the small aesthetic touches in the paint and upholstery to big things like the powertrain, steering, and infotainment systems. Land Rover will check the vehicle history report and look for things like accidents and mileage discrepancies. Finally, they’ll take the vehicle on a road test.
The end result if it passes? A used Land Rover that you can feel confident about is in good shape inside and out. 
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Are Land Rovers reliable?

So how vital is it to have good warranty coverage for a Land Rover? If you have a vehicle that’s exceedingly reliable, then you may not even ever use your warranty, be it new or CPO. To tell just how important warranty coverage is for a Land Rover, we’ll need to take a look at the brand’s reliability.
The truth? Land Rover doesn’t have a good reputation when it comes to reliability. Luxury car brands in general don’t get the best reliability ratings, but Land Rover unfortunately achieves some pretty harsh lows. 
RepairPal gives the brand a 2.5/5 in reliability, which according to their system is average. That being said, they rate Land Rover 31 out of 32 brands when it comes to reliability. In J.D. Power’s 2022 Vehicle Dependability Study, Land Rover came in dead last. So, yeah. Not great. 
OK, but that’s for the brand overall. Do any particular models fare any better? Let’s take a closer look at two popular ones and see. 

Land Rover Discovery Sport reliability scores

The entry-level Discovery Sport is currently the best-selling Land Rover model. All those people can’t be wrong. Well, it’s a bit of a mixed bag.
  • Consumer Reports: 2 out of 5 predicted reliability (2022)
  • RepairPal: 3.5 out of 5.0 reliability rating (above average)
  • J.D. Power: 66/100 quality and reliability score

Land Rover Range Rover reliability scores 

How about the iconic Range Rover? For six figures, one would think (hope) that it would be a solid vehicle. But again, mixed results. 
  • RepairPal: 2 out of 5.0 reliability rating (below average)
  • J.D. Power: 80/100 quality and reliability score

Average Land Rover repair costs

Okay, so Land Rovers are far from the most reliable brand out there. But how much do repairs cost, and how much could a CPO warranty potentially save you?
RepairPal reports that on average, a Land Rover costs $1,174 per year to maintain, which is well above average. And while a CPO warranty won’t cover everything, it’s bound to save you some expenses. 
For example, a steering gearbox replacement can run you anywhere from $1,500 to almost $2,000. A new fuel pump can be around the same. Overall, RepairPal had 76 reported problems for Land Rover vehicles, with the most common being issues with the air suspension.

Our take: is a Land Rover CPO warranty worth it?

If you want to buy a used Land Rover, then a CPO warranty is definitely worth it
While Land Rovers enjoy a fierce following and deliver soundly on luxury and off-road prowess, they have a pretty wretched reputation when it comes to reliability. But with a CPO Land Rover, you can at least hope to mitigate some of the potential expenses and inconveniences associated with breakdowns. 
At the end of the day, folks who buy a Land Rover tend to be more concerned with the brand status and luxurious features over repair costs. If that’s you, more power to you! If not, this might not be the vehicle for you—new or used.

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