Buick Encore Oil Change

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You should change the oil in a Buick Encore every 7,5000 to 10,000 miles if using synthetic oil and every 3,000 to 5,000 miles if using conventional oil. Check your owner’s manual to make sure you are using the correct type and amount of oil.
Oil is a key component of a clean and efficient engine. It lubricates the engine’s parts and keeps them running at peak performance. To avoid serious engine damage, you must consistently change your car’s oil.   
While an oil change is not a complicated process, it is important to follow the steps correctly according to your vehicle’s make and model. Here to guide you through a Buick Encore oil change is car insurance comparison and super broker, Jerry.
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How often does a Buick Encore need an oil change?

It is recommended that you change the oil on a Buick Encore every 7,500 to 10,000 miles with synthetic oil or every 3,000 to 5,000 if your vehicle takes conventional oil.
If you exceed the recommended mileage limit without getting an oil change, the engine could suffer major damage, so it’s important to schedule regular maintenance. Timely oil changes are one of the simplest ways you can prolong the life of your vehicle. You should also check your oil regularly and add oil if the level gets low.  

What kind of oil does a Buick Encore need?

The Buick Encore uses 5W-30 full synthetic oil. For conventional oil, 5W-30 is also used.  

How much does an oil change cost for a Buick Encore?

The cost of an oil change for a Buick Encore is determined by whether you take your vehicle to an auto shop or change the oil yourself. 

Professional cost

For Encore models built between 2013 and 2022, a synthetic oil change done by a professional mechanic will cost you anywhere from $112 to $121. Synthetic oil changes are more expensive than conventional oil changes, but the oil lasts longer. 

DIY cost 

If you’re mechanically inclined and up to the task, you can save a lot of money by changing the oil yourself. You can buy one quart of 5W-30 oil for between $4 to $13. A 5-quart container costs between $15 to $40

How to change the oil in a Buick Encore yourself  

What you’ll need

  • 5W-30 engine oil
  • New oil filter and o-ring
  • 10mm socket
  • 24mm socket wrench with a swivel adapter and extension
  • Ramps or jack stands
  • Oil catch basin
  • Pick tool or small screwdriver
  • Funnel
  • Rubber gloves and safety goggles

1. Park the vehicle on a level surface 

You’ll need to raise the Encore with ramps or jack stands to get underneath it. Make sure it’s parked safely on a level surface with the parking brake engaged. 

2. Warm up the engine

Run the engine for about five minutes, then turn it off. The oil drains more easily when the engine is warm. 

3. Drain the old oil

The oil drain plug is located on the underside of the engine oil pan. Position the oil basin to catch the oil and remove the plug with your 10mm socket wrench. Let all the oil drain out and reinstall the oil drain plug.

4. Remove the filter

Locate the oil filter underneath the engine. Gently remove the oil filter housing cap with the 24mm socket wrench. Attaching a swivel adapter and extension to your socket wrench will help you reach and loosen the oil filter housing cap more easily. 
Your Encore uses one of two different oil filter housing caps depending on the year it was made.  Make sure you install the appropriate filter for the oil filter housing cap inside your Encore to avoid engine damage. 

5. Replace the oil filter

Use a pick tool or small screwdriver to remove the old o-ring from the oil filter housing cap. Take the new o-ring (it will be in the box with the new oil filter) and lightly coat it with fresh oil—this is an important step. Coating the o-ring with oil keeps it sealed tightly preventing an oil leak.   
Place the new o-ring exactly where the old one was. Push the new filter into the oil filter housing cap until it clicks. Carefully reinstall the new oil filter in the vehicle and tighten the oil filter housing cap by hand.

6. Put new oil in the engine

Remove the oil cap located on the right side of the engine. You may want to use a funnel to keep from spilling as you pour the new oil in. Secure the cap and run the engine for about 20 seconds to get the warm oil circulating through the engine. 
Wait for it to cool, and check the oil level with the dipstick to make sure you have the perfect amount in the engine.  

7. Reset the oil monitor system

You’re almost done! The final step is resetting the oil monitor system. Go to the settings menu screen, select “oil life,” and hold down the SET/CLR button on the left-hand lever of the steering wheel. You’ll know the monitor is reset when the oil life menu reads “100%.”  

What happens if you don’t change the oil on a Buick Encore? 

If you don’t change your oil or are habitually overdue in getting oil changes, your engine could suffer serious—and avoidable—consequences. Circulating old oil through your engine cylinders over and over causes the oil to turn into gritty, black sludge. Oil with this consistency is terrible for your engine and can cause the following problems:
  • Overheating
  • Engine corrosion
  • Decreased fuel efficiency
  • Complete engine failure
Scheduled oil changes may seem like an inconvenient expense, but it’s money well spent. Consistent oil changes cost far less than major engine repairs.

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