Land Rover Vin Decoder: How to Check Rover VIN

You can find your Land Rover VIN on the driver’s side doorjamb or under the windshield on the driver’s side. Learn how to decode your Land Rover VIN here.
Written by Jason Tushinski
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Finding and decoding your
Land Rover’s
VIN number is simple—it is usually located under the windshield on the driver’s side or on the driver’s side doorjamb and can be deciphered by looking at the country of origin, manufacturer, vehicle information, model year, and the plant where it was assembled.
You’ve looked up your vehicle identification number (VIN) before—whether you were renewing your driver's license, registering your vehicle, or selling your car. But if you’re wondering what those 17 digits mean, you’ve come to the right place.
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has put together everything you need to know about decoding your Land Rover’s VIN. This article will tell you where to find the VIN, how it’s created, and how to decipher it.

How to check your Land Rover’s VIN

The VIN on your Land Rover is its
vehicle identification number
—the unique set of 17 numbers and letters that identify your vehicle.
You can find your Land Rover’s VIN in the following places:
  • Your insurance card
  • The registration card you received from the DMV
  • A sticker or tag on the driver’s side of the car, visible just below the windshield
  • A sticker pasted onto the inside of the car’s doorjamb
You should be able to find your Land Rover’s VIN number in any of these spots. If you can’t, you should be able to find your Land Rover’s VIN number on the steering column, on the firewall of the vehicle, or under the hood.
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How to decode a Land Rover VIN

The DMV uses your VIN number to process a huge amount of car-related services, so you must be curious as to what those 17 digits mean!
VINs have been used in the U.S. since the 1950s and were standardized in 1981 with help from the
National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA)
. The 17 digits that make up your VIN number have a specified set of meanings that are now standard across makes, models, and continents as well.
VINs use the numeric digits 0 to 9, and all letters except I, O, or Q. These letters are not used because they can be easily confused with the numbers 1, 0, and 9

First position: country of origin

The first three digits of any VIN represent the world manufacturer identifier (WMI)
For Land Rover, the first digit represents the country where the vehicle was manufactured. Since Land Rovers are manufactured in England, you will see an S as the first digit.

Positions 2-3: manufacturer information

The second and third digits give you identifying information about the manufacturer. The third digit usually gives you information about the type of vehicle you are driving—an SUV, truck, or passenger car. For example, AL means you are driving a Land Rover SUV, with A denoting the manufacturer (Land Rover), and L denoting the type of vehicle (an SUV or passenger car).

Positions 4-8: vehicle-specific information

The next five digits are vehicle specific. These digits identify your car’s body type, engine, transmission, safety equipment, and more. 

Position 9: the VIN check digit

The 9th digit is used to verify the authenticity of the VIN and is based on the other numbers of the VIN.

Position 10: model year

This is where it can get complicated—the 10th digit indicates the model year, but VINs re-use digits that have been previously used to identify other model years. Along with I, O, and Q, the digits U, Z, and 0 do not appear in position 10.
The VIN model year codes break down as follows for the past twenty years:
1981 OR 2011
1982 OR 2012
1983 OR 2013
1984 OR 2014
1985 OR 2015
1986 OR 2016
1987 OR 2017
1988 OR 2018
1989 OR 2019
1990 OR 2020
1991 OR 2021
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Position 11: assembly plant

Each carmaker uses a unique set of codes for the 11th digit, used to identify the factory in which the vehicle was assembled. Land Rover’s plants are located in Solihull, Eastnor, Gaydon, and Halewood—all in England.

Positions 12-17: vehicle serial number

Your car’s serial number makes up the VIN’s final six digits. This is unique to your Land Rover and is usually a production sequence number. 

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