Jeep Gladiator Engine Oil Capacity

The oil capacity of your Jeep Gladiator depends on its engine type: 5.0 quarts for the 3.6-L gas engine or 9.0 quarts for the 3.0-L diesel engine.
Written by Pat Roache
Reviewed by Brenna Swanston
The engine oil capacity in the Jeep Gladiator depends on whether your engine is gasoline-powered or diesel-powered. The 3.6-L gas engine Gladiator has an oil capacity of 5.0 quarts, while the 3.0-L diesel engine has an engine oil capacity of 9.0 quarts.
Jeep oil change costs
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, car owners wouldn't mind saving a bit of cash these days. Performing an oil change on your own is a great first step to keeping some extra cash in your pocket, but first, you’ll need to know a few key specs—like how much engine oil you need for your Jeep Gladiator.
For some reason, the Jeep Gladiator owner’s manual doesn’t always tell you how much engine oil your truck needs, but that’s OK! We’ve put together a complete guide to the Jeep Gladiator’s engine oil capacity, including what type of oil you need and how and when to change it. Let’s get started!
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Jeep Gladiator engine oil capacity

The Jeep Gladiator is available with two V6 engine options, and the key difference between them is how they’re fueled:
diesel vs. gas
. The oil capacity of your Jeep Gladiator depends on which engine you have. Here are the oil capacities by engine type for the Jeep Gladiator:
  • 3.6-L gas-powered V6: 5.0 quarts (4.73 liters)
  • 3.0-L diesel-powered V6: 9.0 quarts (8.5 liters)
Depending on the type of engine you have, you’ll need to have the respective amount of motor oil on hand every time you
change the oil and filter
in your Gladiator. Just don’t get the oil capacity mixed up with the
engine displacement
. The 3.6-L and 3.0-L tell you how much volume the cylinders of these Jeep Gladiator engines take up—not your Jeep Gladiator’s oil capacity.

What kind of oil does a Jeep Gladiator need?

Just like oil capacity, the type of oil you’ll need for your Jeep Gladiator depends on its powertrain. Here are Jeep’s recommended oil grades for the Jeep Gladiator by engine type:
  • 3.6-L gas-powered V6: Mopar SAE 0W-20
  • 3.0-L diesel-powered V6: Mopar SAE 5W-20
The SAE is a type of certification—you’ll want to look for an API certification seal on the bottle of motor oil as well. The 0W and 5W tell us about the viscosity at 0°F (i.e. W for winter), and the 20 and 40 tell us the viscosity at 212°F. Higher numbers indicate more resistance to flow, so the SAE 5W-40 is a little bit thicker than the SAE 0W-20, which is very thin.
Jeep recommends these oil grades for a reason—they’re optimized for your Jeep Gladiator’s engine performance and longevity. Your oil needs to perform a specific way under certain temperatures; incompatible oil grades cause more wear and tear over time.
Jeep’s recommendation for the viscosity (or oil grade) of your Jeep Gladiator’s motor oil is the most compatible with your engine’s systems. This oil performs well under cold and hot conditions, and its low viscosity causes less wear and tear on your Gladiator’s engine.
The Jeep Gladiator’s engines are only designed for synthetic oil—do not use conventional oil. You can easily find a compatible oil by shopping for the manufacturer-brand
Mopar SAE 0W-20
Mopar 5W-40

How often to change the oil on a 2020 Jeep Gladiator

So you’ve got the right kind of oil in the right quantity, but here’s the big question: Is it time to change your Gladiator’s oil?
Your Jeep Gladiator has an oil change indicator system that monitors your engine systems and illuminates an indicator message on your instrument cluster when it's time for an oil change. There’s no need to track mileage on your own; however, you may want to check your oil levels once every month as part of your
basic car maintenance schedule
and definitely before any long trips. 
Look for the following when checking your Gladiator’s engine oil:
  • Use the dipstick to make sure your engine oil is filled to the capacity.
  • Dark brown or black oil is dirty and needs to be completely changed—even if your oil change indicator hasn’t turned on yet.
  • Coarse or gritty oil is also in need of an immediate change.
You may also want to change your oil if you notice any oily or burning smells, unfamiliar sounds, or a sudden decrease in your engine’s performance.

How to change your oil and oil filter

Once the oil change indicator message goes off in your Jeep Gladiator, grab a socket wrench, a drain pan, and a filter wrench (to remove the old filter). You’ll also need a replacement full-flow disposable filter and the specific type and quantity of motor oil for your Gladiator’s engine.
Let your Gladiator’s engine run for about five minutes to get everything heated up—run it a little longer if it's cold outside. Turn off the engine, and then after about five minutes you’ll
open the car hood
and follow these steps:
  • Unscrew the oil fill cap.
  • Get the drain pan underneath the engine and remove the oil drain bolt and washer, letting the old oil drain out into the pan.
  • Use your filter wrench to undo the old filter.
  • Replace it with the new filter.
  • Return the oil drain bolt with a new washer and tighten it to 29 lb-ft of torque.
  • Pour your new engine oil in through the top and return the fill cap when you’re done.
The oil change shouldn’t take long
, but you’re not quite done yet. Let your truck run for about 30 seconds to get the oil fully integrated. Reset the indicator system by turning your Jeep Gladiator into accessory mode, selecting “Vehicle Info” then “Oil Life” in your instrument cluster or pumping the gas pedal three times within 10 seconds, then turning the engine off.
Don’t forget to clean up and properly dispose of the dirty engine oil. Motor oil is a hazardous substance and can’t be thrown in any old dumpster. Seal it in a container, and take it to your authorized Jeep dealership or a local recycling center so they can properly dispose of it.

The bottom line

You’ll save money on your car expenses by changing your Jeep Gladiator’s oil at home—but only if you’re doing it properly! Remember: Use 5.0 quarts of synthetic SAE 0W-20 for gas-powered Gladiators or 9.0 quarts of synthetic SAE 5W-40 for diesel-powered Gladiators. Always double-check your owner’s manual to help you along the way!
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