Jaguar Paint Codes

Use the Jaguar paint code to find the correct color for touch-up jobs.
Written by Nick Kunze
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
Your Jaguar’s paint code is likely on the driver’s side door jamb panel. With this code, you can find the correct color of paint for any at-home touch-up jobs.
Your beloved Jaguar has a new scrape or scratch. Don’t panic (or run to the dealership). Consider finding the paint code and doing a little at-home repair work
If you have any questions about paint codes, read on.
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Where can I find my Jaguar’s paint code?

In newer Jaguars, you can find the paint code written on the driver’s side door jamb. The paint code will be one of many pieces of information on the label there.
The paint code will most likely be three digits long, consisting of both letters and numbers. The code may also be four digits and all numbers
In older Jaguars, there are many places the paint code could be. Check in the trunk, under the hood, and along the interior doors if it's not in the driver’s side door jamb.
Once you have the paint code, use this
Jaguar paint code chart
to find the right color.

What if there’s no paint code on the car’s label?

If you can’t find the paint code written anywhere on the car, you’ll need to use your car’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) to find the paint code. The VIN is a string of 17 numbers and letters assigned to your specific ride. 
Here’s where you can find the VIN for your Jaguar:
  • The VIN may be written on a sticker, either on the driver's side door or on the dash. Also, check on the windshield and under the dash.
  • The VIN will also be written on your
    vehicle registration
You can use the VIN to find your paint code, either by calling a Jaguar dealership or checking online.

Where can I get paint for my Jaguar?

Once you’ve got the paint code, it’s time to buy some paint. Head to the
Jaguar website
, check online retailers, or go to a store to find the shade of touch-up paint you need.

Paint touch-up tips

Now that you’ve got the right color of paint, you can get to work. Here are a few recommendations to help you master your touch-up paint job and
remove scratches from your car
once and for all:
  • Thoroughly wash the damaged area with soap and water.
  • Sand off any rust on the area you plan to paint.
  • Apply primer and let it dry overnight.
  • Sand down the primed area for an even surface.
  • Using the correct shade of paint, paint the area. Do several coats with a 20-minute break between each.
  • The next day, add a clear protective coat to protect your paint job. Do several layers. 
  • Three days later, buff the touched-up area with a rubbing compound.
If you followed these steps, your Jaguar should be looking as good as new.

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The paint code is a sequence of numbers and letters that tell you exactly what shade to paint your Jaguar to match its original color. You can look up your paint code online using your VIN or check your driver’s side door jamb.
If you’ve got the right paint color and the necessary tools, go for it! It’ll save you money and be a fun weekend project. If it’s a larger area, you may want to consider visiting a professional.
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