How to Find Your 2010 Honda CR-V Radio Code

Wondering how to get your Honda radio code for your 2010 Honda CR-V? If the answer isn’t in your glove compartment, there are other ways. Learn more here.
Written by Bonnie Stinson
Edited by Georgina Grant
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Find your Honda CR-V radio code in one of three places: in your glove box, owner’s manual, or by contacting Honda with your VIN and radio serial number. 
  • Radios require a code to work after the power is disconnected, whether via theft or dead battery
  • Your radio code is listed in your owner’s manual or on a sticker in your glove box
  • You can get help looking up a radio code if you have your VIN and the radio serial number
  • Once you have the code, it’s fast and easy to reset your Honda’s radio

Why your Honda needs a radio code

The radio code is an anti-theft invention—and car radios are one of the most stolen objects from vehicles. 
When your Honda detects that the radio has been disconnected from its power source, it will require you to enter the radio code. Until you input the five-digit radio code, your radio won’t work, which makes it less appealing to steal.
You may also need the radio code if your Honda’s battery died or was recently replaced. Your radio will probably be locked, and you won't be able to unlock your own radio if you don’t know what the code is.
But wait! Before you go hunting for that radio code, try pressing and holding the radio’s power button first to reset it. That might be all you need to do in some cases!
If you’re prompted for that radio code, here’s how you can find out what it is.

How to find your Honda radio code

Once you know where to look, getting the radio code for a 2010 Honda CR-V—or any Honda—is pretty easy. 
If you bought your Honda new, you probably received a card from the Honda dealership that listed both your radio code and the radio serial number.
It’s also possible that you might have a sticker on your owner’s manual or somewhere in your glove compartment that lists your Honda radio code. The sticker will say “Anti-Theft Radio Code” and may also show your specific radio’s serial number. If you find the code, it will be five digits long. 
If you can’t find the five-digit radio code, look for the radio’s serial number—it will come in handy for the next steps you can take.

How to look up a Honda radio code

Can’t find your radio code? Look it up! 
There are the two numbers you’ll need to round up to figure out your Honda radio code: your VIN and your radio serial number.
Your Honda vehicle identification number (VIN): You should be able to find this at the base of your CR-V’s windshield on the driver’s side, on the driver’s side door jamb, on your vehicle registration documents, or on your car insurance card. 
The radio’s serial number: If you can’t find it on your Honda-issued card or in your owner’s manual, there’s a way you can get the radio to display it. 
For Hondas models from 2002 and newer: Press and hold the first and sixth radio preset buttons, then turn your car into the ON position. This turns on the electrical components but doesn’t start the engine. When the radio receives power, it’ll display the ten-digit serial number.
For Honda models from 2001 and older: The serial number will be on the radio itself. You’ll need to remove it from the dash to find the radio code. Check your manual to learn how to properly remove your radio.
Once you have these two numbers, you can look up your radio code! Here’s how:
  • Use Honda’s online lookup tool
  • Enter the VIN number, radio serial number, and other necessary information
  • Check your email for your confirmation and the radio code
Having difficulties? You can get your radio code by calling Honda’s customer service line at 1-800-999-1009 or bringing your vehicle o a local Honda dealership for assistance.  
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How to reset a Honda radio 

Once you have the code, here are the steps to reset your Honda’s radio:
  • Turn your key to the ON position, which is one click before starting the engine.
  • Press the volume control knob to turn the radio on.
  • After 10 seconds, turn the radio off again.
  • Press and hold the power button until the radio display turns on.
If you see the Enter PIN message displayed on your radio, you can input your radio code with the radio preset buttons. Once you enter the code, your radio should reset.
Hopefully, these steps will help you reset your Honda radio. But if you’re still having trouble with the radio, bring it to a Honda dealer for a quick fix. 
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