What You Should Know About the GMC Yukon Battery Draining Problem

There are a multitude of reasons your GMC Yukon battery keeps draining. Here’s how to narrow down the cause, and how to get it fixed.
Written by Natalie Todoroff
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
When you encounter a drained GMC Yukon battery, the underlying problem could be corroded battery cables, a faulty alternator, a parasitic drain, or just a worn-out battery. Fixing the problem can be as cheap as $6 or as costly as $500 to replace the battery. 
A dead car battery is probably the last thing you want to happen—whether you’re in a hurry or just need to run some errands. And if you’re a
GMC Yukon
owner, you may have come across this problem at some point during your car ownership. 
Yukon owners report issues with their SUVs running completely normally one day, and they wake up the next day to a drained battery. 
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What causes the GMC Yukon battery draining problem? 

There’s no one universal culprit when it comes to a Yukon battery drain. It could be a number of problems, but it’s important that you know where to begin looking. Step one? Figure out when the battery drain occurred: either when your car was on and running or completely off. 
If your Yukon battery drained overnight, that usually points towards a parasitic drain—meaning something in your car is drawing a current when it shouldn’t have been. For Yukon owners, this is most commonly the glove box light or an accessory plug
But, if the battery is draining while you’re driving, the problem is with the
or the battery itself. First, you’ll want to pop the hood to look at the battery cables. If they look fine, you can safely rule out corroded battery cables as the cause of the drain. 
If your battery light is on, it does not always indicate a problem with the battery itself, depending on when it flipped on. Let’s say that you heard a loud, whining noise while driving and the battery light came on shortly after. In this case, the issue is the alternator
Or, if your battery is completely dead, the problem is likely with the battery itself. Yukon batteries have an average lifespan between 3 to 5 years, so chances are yours may have just bit the dust. 

How to fix the GMC Yukon’s battery draining problem 

As you can see, there is a multitude of reasons why your Yukon battery keeps draining. Looking at the symptoms can help get you in the ballpark of what the issue is, but more often than not, you’re best off seeing a mechanic for a proper diagnosis. 
The battery cables, however, are a key exception to this. You can pop the hood and take a look for yourself for any gunk along with the terminal cables. In that case, you can purchase a
wire terminal cleaning brush
for about $6, scrape the buildup off, and be on your way. 
A mechanic will have to determine if the cause of the drain is a parasitic drain, a problem with the alternator, or a busted battery. To narrow it down, a mechanic will first charge your Yukon’s battery to see if it can hold a charge for longer than a couple of hours. If it’s able to hold a charge, the problem is with the alternator. 
If not, you’ll need to replace the battery. For a parasitic drain, a mechanic will have to hold onto your car for a little longer, and the repair cost varies based on the source of the drain. 
Here’s a quick look at just what you could end up paying for both services: 
  • GMC Yukon battery replacement: $550 and $800 
  • GMC Yukon alternator replacement: $450 to $650  
While replacing a car battery is known as a relatively straightforward and DIY-able car repair, it’s best to have a mechanic handle a Yukon battery replacement, especially if you’ve got a newer model. 
In Yukon's dated 2019 or newer, the battery could be in the trunk or beneath the floorboard, making it nearly impossible for someone without professional training to properly replace it. 

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