What is a Ford Multi-Point Inspection?

A Ford multi-point inspection closely examines the most critical components in your car, from the engine to the undercarriage—and everything in between.
Written by Kathryn Mae Kurlychek
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
A Ford Multi-Point Inspection determines the overall condition of your vehicle, identifies unknown problems, recommends repairs, and plans for future maintenance. But an added benefit is the peace of mind you get by knowing your Ford is safe to drive. 
Fords have a long-standing history as hardy, reliable, all-American vehicles that stand the test of time. But whether you drive a
Ford Escape
or an Edge, an Expedition or an F-150, maintenance issues are bound to occur sooner or later—so it’s important to stay on top of your Ford’s health on a regular basis. That’s where regular multi-point inspections can help
Multi-point inspections take a closer look at your car's critical systems and components to identify issues and better anticipate your future maintenance needs.
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helping drivers save time and money, is here to walk you through the basics. We’ll cover the costs and benefits of a multi-point inspection, and give you tips to help keep your
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What is a Ford multi-point inspection? 

What exactly is a Ford multi-point inspection? Think of it as a holistichealth check-up for your vehicle
A multi-point vehicle inspection is a total-vehicle examination that looks at critical parts and systems in your car to ensure the safety, efficiency, and overall condition of your Ford. Usually, a certified technician performs the inspection, assessing the condition of major and minor systems like the interior and exterior lights, engine, steering and suspension, tires, brakes, and more. 
Even if nothing in your Ford feels out of the ordinary, a multi-point vehicle inspection can still be a good idea. Multi-point inspections help you identify unseen problems before they turn into expensive repairs. 

What’s included in a Ford multi-point inspection? 

Your local Ford service center can perform a multi-point inspection on your Ford vehicle—here’s a closer look at what’s likely on your inspection checklist: 
  • Engine: Close attention will be given to your Ford’s engine and related components, including the engine air filter and drive belt to ensure everything is in sound working condition. If your engine air filter is due to be changed, a technician will replace it for you. 
  • Drivetrain: Your vehicle’s drivetrain and related components will be inspected, including your transmission, differential, axles, and wheels. 
  • Fluids: A technician will also check on the levels of fluid in your vehicle—from engine oil to coolant, transmission fluid, windshield washer fluid, and more—in addition to checking the systems they’re attached to (e.g. spraying your windshield wiper fluid). The technician will top off reservoirs with low fluid levels and perform an oil change if needed.
  • Steering and suspension: Your power steering system and vehicle suspension system will receive a close look, including your power steering fluid, shocks, and struts. 
  • Tires: The condition and air pressure in each tire are checked; air may be added as necessary. Your Ford tires' condition and tread depth are also inspected, and a tire rotation may be performed. 
  • Brakes: Brake inspections are an essential part of any multi-point vehicle inspection. A technician will look at the condition of your brake pads, rotors, fluid, and more to assess the condition of your vehicle’s brake system. 
  • Windshield: Your windshield is inspected for cracks or pits in the glass, and your wiper blades will be inspected and tested to ensure they’re working efficiently. 
  • Power button: A multi-point inspection will also include an examination of your vehicle’s power locks, power windows, and side mirrors to ensure there are no electrical blips.
  • Exterior and interior lights: A check-up on your vehicle’s lighting will also be included, from headlights, hazards, and brake lights, to the interior lights in the front and back of your vehicle. 
  • HVAC: Your car’s heating and cooling system will be inspected and tested, including the heat and A/C hoses and the cabin air filter. If your cabin air filter needs to be changed, a technician will likely replace it at this time.
Each service department may have a different checklist or requirements for their multi-point inspections, so you may experience slight variations. If you are concerned about a particular part or system, ask if it is part of their inspection plan when calling to schedule service at your local Ford dealership! 
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How often should I get a Ford multi-point inspection?

You should get a multi-point inspection once a year, even for new vehicles. Multi-point inspections are essential to
basic car maintenance
, no matter your Ford’s age. 

Costs and benefits of a Ford multi-point inspection

A Ford multi-point inspection aims to assess your vehicle's overall condition, identify minor problems, and help you address future maintenance needs. But an added benefit is the peace of mind you get from knowing your Ford is safe to drive. 
Many vehicle problems are latent: we don’t know they’re there until they’ve already caused damage to our vehicle. With a trained technician’s eye, a multi-point inspection will help you spot any problems that could have gone unnoticed. 
Multi-point inspections also help you plan for future maintenance, making unanticipated problems and pricey repair bills a thing of the past! So while you may not be able to get around those unavoidable, occasional expensive repairs, you’ll be able to better plan for them.
Many service centers offer complimentary multipoint inspections, making the cost completely free! While an inspection can help Ford technicians recommend necessary repairs, it won’t include them. If your multi-point inspection turns up problems with your vehicle, you’ll have to pay for the repairs yourself. 
Key Takeaway Many service centers offer multi-point inspection services free of charge—but costs can vary depending on how in-depth of an inspection you’re looking for.
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