The Most Common Chrysler Problems

The most common Chrysler problems are transmission and infotainment issues, but be on the lookout for engine trouble and excessive oil consumption as well.
Written by Bonnie Stinson
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
The most common problems among Chrysler models are transmission issues, malfunctioning infotainment systems, engine trouble, and even randomly deploying active head restraints.
No machine works perfectly all the time, and cars are no exception. Car owners usually have to deal with
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A lot of car manufacturers run into the same mechanical problems across several models. That’s why
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What are the most common Chrysler problems?

One of the “big three” American automobile manufacturers, Chrysler is a division of the same company that rolls out
, and
vehicles. However, brand recognition doesn’t necessarily equal reliability. While Chrysler has put out some pretty good vehicles, there are still some common issues across several models. Here are some of the most common problems:
  • Electrical issues
  • Engine problems
  • Transmission issues and failure
Chrysler’s 2011
Town & Country
seems to have to most issues with two major recalls and 735 complaints to
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
. Compare that to the 2018
Chrysler 300
, which hasn’t experienced many issues at all and remains one of Chrysler’s most reliable models. 
Check out the table below for a better breakdown of common problems across five of the most popular Chrysler models.
Starting price
J.D. Power reliability rating
Most common problems
Years to avoid
Town & Country
Electrical issues, engine problems, blind spot detection failure
2005, 2008, 2010-2012, 2014
Chrysler 300
Electrical issues, faulty airbags, rough shifting, power window malfunctions, engine issues, stuck gear shift
Chrysler 200
Random AHR deployment, excessive oil consumption, transmission failure, engine stall or failure, electrical issues
Cruise control defects, transmission issues, engine noises and carbon buildup, faulty AC
2004-2007, 2017
PT Cruiser
Turn signal failure, engine issues, frequent software updates
2001, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2007
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Most common Chrysler Town & Country problems

Average annual repair cost: $523 complaints: 1,939
The most common issue reported with the Town & Country is electrical issues, which ranged from stalled cars while driving, randomly drained batteries, and defective totally integrated power modules (TIPM)
Right behind electrical problems were expensive engine issues including engines that shut down while driving, or refused to start at all. 
But most troubling are reports of failing Blind Spot Detection—not only is the repair expensive, but drivers used to relying on blind spot detection could get into serious accidents when the system fails. 

Most common Chrysler 300 problems 

Average annual repair cost: $448 complaints: 577
Chrysler can’t seem to escape electrical issues with most of their models, and unfortunately, the Chrysler 300 is also a victim. In some model years, drivers reported a loss of power while driving and complete
electrical system failure
. These electrical issues resulted in three crashes, and some short-circuiting caused at least fifteen electrical fires.
However, one of the worst safety recalls in Chrysler’s history involved the 300’s airbags. For model years 2005-2010, there were reports that the airbags were collecting moisture and the material would rupture easily. The airbag inflators ruptured during crashes and caused multiple severe injuries.

Most common Chrysler 200 problems 

Average annual repair cost: $549 complaints: 1246
Some vehicle issues are just irritating, but when it comes to the
Chrysler 200
, the model’s common issues are downright dangerous. For instance, the active head restraints (AHR) on several model years have been reported to deploy randomly. Several drivers suffered minor injuries and concussions as a result.
The Chrysler 200 also suffers from serious transmission and engine issues. Several drivers complained that their transmissions would automatically shift into a lower gear, while others said their brakes failed, resulting in accidents. Other owners experienced their engines stalling without warning due to defective powertrain control modules.

Most common Chrysler Pacifica problems 

Average annual repair cost: $483 complaints: 851
The Chrysler Pacifica has had its fair share of problems, earning it a startlingly low 63/100 from J.D. Power. One of the major issues plaguing the Pacifica is a wide range of transmission problems including everything from leaks and strange noises to total transmission failure. Some owners even reported the transmission jerking the vehicle forward so hard it felt like they were rear-ended.
is also prone to cruise control defects from faulty wiring. In 2018 alone, over 4.8 million vehicles were recalled due to the cruise control not disengaging, drastically increasing the risk of serious accidents. 

Most common Chrysler PT Cruiser problems

Average annual repair cost: $641 complaints: 840
PT Cruisers seem to be one of those cars that are fiercely defended by their owners, but anyone who doesn’t drive one can see how many issues the car really has. Like most Chryslers on our list, the
PT Cruiser
suffers from electrical issues, the most dangerous being malfunctioning turn signals and headlights.
The PT Cruiser has also wracked up a ton of complaints about the constant need for software updates to fix powertrain control module issues, sending owners to Chrysler Service Centers with annoying regularity. 

Are Chrysler cars reliable?

Chrysler models generally fall in the middle of the pack for reliability compared to other car manufacturers. Overall, they make some good cars, but they’re frequently outclassed by other similar competitor vehicles.
According to Repair Pal, Chryslers are average for frequency and severity of repairs, and it costs owners an average of $608 a year to repair and maintain their vehicles. 

The least reliable Chrysler model: 2011 Chrysler Town & Country

Most common problem: transmission issues
NHTSA complaints: 735
The most common issues with the 2011
Town & Country
model are transmission-related, including rough shifting and shuddering. Repair Pal estimates the annual cost of repair is $763, which is well above the average cost of all Chrysler models, which is probably because many owners have had to replace or rebuild their transmissions. 

The most reliable Chrysler model: 2018 Chrysler 300

Most common problem: electrical issues
NHTSA complaints: 58
The 300 is one of Chrysler’s most popular models for good reason: the 300 is elegant and functional and free of major mechanical issues. Although the 300 has experienced some electrical issues—mostly in the infotainment system—the repairs are minor and don’t cause dangerous situations for drivers. 

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On average, Chryslers last between 210,000 and 240,000 miles.
Reliability involves several factors, including the number of reported issues, along with the severity of issues, and the cost to repair and maintain the vehicle. Chryslers seem to fall right around average with the frequency and cost of repairs compared to other car manufacturers, but some models of Chryslers have more major mechanical issues than others.
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