2018 Dodge Charger Bolt Pattern

Want custom tires for your 2018 Dodge Charger? Make sure you know your bolt pattern first!
Written by Bonnie Stinson
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
A 2018 Dodge Charger has a 5x4.53 bolt pattern, which means each wheel will have five bolts that form a 4.53-inch diameter circle.
Changing out the stock wheels and rims on your Dodge Charger for custom ones is a great way to add some personality to your vehicle. But before you start making upgrades, you’ll need to know your Charger’s bolt pattern. 
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2018 Dodge Charger bolt pattern

The 2018 Dodge Charger’s bolt pattern is a 5x4.53. Not sure what those numbers mean? Each bolt pattern is basically:
# of bolts x diameter of the circle they form
A 5x4.53 bolt pattern means that your Charger has five bolts on each wheel, and those bolts form a 4.53-inch diameter circle.
But if you want to swap out your wheels, you’ll need a few more measurements besides your bolt pattern. It’s also helpful to know your Charger’s stud size, center bore measurement, torque specifications, and wheel offset:
  • Factory wheel size: 17” to 20” 
  • Stud size:M14 x 1.5
  • Offset:35 to 42 mm
  • Center bore: 71.6 mm
  • Wheel tightening torque:176 Nm

How to measure your Dodge Charger’s bolt pattern

If you ever need to find your bolt pattern in a pinch, you can always measure it out yourself. All you need is a measuring tape or ruler.
Pick a bolt measure from the outer edge of the bolt across the circle to the center of the opposite bolt. Since there are an odd number of bolts, pick the one closest to straight across.
This measurement is the diameter. Put this number at the end of your bolt pattern after the number of bolts one wheel has, and you have your bolt pattern!

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The 2018 Dodge Charger has a 5x4.53 bolt pattern.
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