2011 Ford 6.7 Engine Oil Capacity

Not sure how to find the 2011 Ford 6.7 engine oil capacity? We’ve got all the specs your owner’s manual has—plus some extra tips.
Written by Katherine Duffy
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
The 2011 Ford 6.7 engine is one of Ford’s largest in their lineup. This engine powers workhorse trucks like the
, the
, and even the F450. To keep your engine in top shape, you’ll need to know its oil capacity. 
While you may not think about it until your oil pressure light comes on, your car’s engine oil is essential to prolonging the life of your car. It’s what keeps your engine components lubricated, protected, and regulated at the correct temperature. Without it, your engine wouldn’t be able to run at all! 
Considering how important your engine oil is, it’s essential to change your oil regularly, keeping it clean and at the correct levels. But to do that, you need to know your engine’s oil capacity, what kind of oil it needs, and how often to change it. 
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2011 Ford 6.7 engine oil capacity

Before diving into what kind of oil your Ford 6.7 requires or how often you need to change its oil, we need to cover its engine oil capacity. The 6.7 engine is one of Ford’s largest engines, so it’s no surprise that this engine needs a whopping 13 quarts, or around 12 liters, of engine oil to run properly.
When deciding how much engine oil to buy or to pour into your engine, make sure you keep your engine’s oil capacity and your engine’s displacement, or the amount of space the cylinders take up, separate. The Ford 6.7 engine has an engine displacement of 6.7 liters, which is easy to remember because of its name, but it’s also easy to mix up! 
These different engine specs aren’t interchangeable, so make note of which is which, especially when replacing your engine’s oil. 

What kind of oil does a 2011 Ford 6.7 engine need? 

Your Ford 6.7 doesn’t just need 13 quarts of oil—it needs a specific type of oil to ensure it’s functioning properly and to protect all of its components from damage. 
The 2011 Ford 6.7 engine runs best on 15W-40 synthetic oil for diesel vehicles. If you aren’t familiar with decoding engine oil types, the numbers and the W in this oil type name might be disorienting. Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to understand once you know what each number and letter means. Let’s take a closer look. 
The 15 refers to how well the engine oil flows at cold temperatures, indicated by the W, which stands for winter. In this case, the oil can still flow through your engine at -13°F. The number 40 describes how well the oil flows at an operating temperature of 212°F. It flows relatively thick, but this viscosity is ideal for the size and heartiness of a Ford 6.7 diesel engine. 
In short, this type of oil is specifically engineered for high-performance diesel engines operating at different temperatures and intensities. Synthetic oil handles both ends of the temperature spectrum well and breaks down slower than conventional oil, which is ideal for a large engine that needs a lot! 
There are quite a few options when it comes to choosing which brand of engine oil you should use. Here are our favorite choices for your 2011 Ford 6.7: 
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How often to change the oil in a 2011 Ford 6.7

You just need one last piece of information before changing your Ford 6.7’s oil—how often does it need to be changed? While this answer can vary depending on the oil you buy and how much you drive, Ford recommends changing your 6.7’s oil every 10,000 miles, or about once a year—whichever comes first.
Changing your truck’s oil at routine intervals prolongs your engine’s life and lowers the risk of surprise roadside complications. Occasionally, you may need to change your oil before the 10,000-mile mark, especially if you’ve consistently put your engine through intense hauling or weather conditions. Look out for these signs that your engine needs an oil change: 
  • If your engine oil appears dark brown or black 
  • Engine oil doesn’t feel or look smooth
  • Weird sounds coming from your engine 
  • Bad smells; particularly, if it smells like oil, smoke, or burning
  • Changes in your truck’s efficiency
The first two signs are difficult to detect without opening your hood, so it’s a good idea to check your oil with your dipstick every other time you fill up your tanks to make sure it’s in good condition. 

How to change your oil and oil filter

If around a year has passed or 10,000 miles have been added to your odometer, you can go ahead with changing your engine’s oil. Prepare your garage with these
essential car tools and supplies
before you begin the job:
  • Funnel
  • Rags
  • Oil filter
  • Oil collection pan
  • 13 quarts of 15W-40 synthetic diesel oil
First, allow your engine to run for around five minutes or until it’s at operating temperature. Then, turn the engine off, carefully pop the hood, and follow these simple steps: 
  1. Put the collection pan under your truck near the oil drain plug. Completely loosen the oil drain plug and let the old oil fall into the pan.
  2. Take out your current oil filter and replace it with a new one. 
  3. Secure the oil drain plug back tightly to avoid any leaks. 
  4. Take the engine oil cap off, which you’ll find under your truck’s hood.  
  5. Using your funnel, slowly add 13 quarts of synthetic 15W-40 diesel oil to the engine. Look for signs of leaking from the bottom of your truck while you're replacing the oil. 
  6. Check the oil dipstick to ensure you’ve filled the engine with the correct amount of oil. Add more if you need to, but avoid overfilling your engine. 
Once you’ve completed the steps above, turn your engine back on and let it run for a couple more minutes to disperse the oil throughout the engine. While it’s running, take another look at the bottom of your truck for any leaks.  
Ensure that you dispose of your old oil correctly by pouring it into a sealable container and bringing it to a recycling center. Don’t get rid of it in your trash or dump it somewhere outside—it’s dangerous to do so!

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