How Much Does a BMW Oil Change Cost?

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A BMW oil change should cost between $135 and $197, on average—but depending on market fluctuations, oil type, and where you get the service, you could pay considerably more. 
Oil is critical to your engine’s performance. It lubricates, cools, and protects so that your engine’s cylinders can keep pumping as needed. But without regular oil changes, that precious oil can become contaminated sludge that threatens to cause a complete shutdown. 
In other words, the cost of oil changes is a crucial component of any car owner’s budget—but just how much should you factor in for BMW oil changes?
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How much does a BMW oil change cost?

The average cost of a BMW oil change is $135 to $197. But when you roll up to your mechanic or service center, you may find that your bill comes to a higher amount. 
For instance, let’s look at the average oil change cost estimates given by Repair Pal and Kelley Blue Book for three of the most popular BMW models: the 3 series sedan, the
, and the
. As you can see, there’s a pretty big range between service estimates!
Repairpal estimate
KBB estimate
3 series
$210 to $243
$120 to $160
$192 to $222
$123 to $165
$167 to $197
$145 to $196
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There are a few reasons why the cost of oil changes varies so much for BMWs: 
  • BMW service center vs. local repair shop: If you take your BMW to a
    BMW Center
    for an oil change, you’ll get the benefit of specialized expertise and original parts, but you may also pay more for an oil change than you would at the garage on the corner. 
  • Specialized synthetic oil: BMWs require synthetic oil, which typically costs more than conventional motor oil. But the exact price varies, and so will the final number on your invoice. 
  • Oil filter cost: When you get an oil change, you may also need a filter replacement. Just like the oil itself, the cost of that filter varies and is typically higher than the cost for other vehicles. 
It’s also important to keep in mind that BMW oil change costs are made up of two elements: labor costs and parts. For instance, the cost of labor for a BMW X5 oil change is typically $44 to $56, while the parts cost $123 to $141. But labor costs will vary based on region, service location, and market fluctuations, while the cost of parts depends on the exact replacements you or your technician select. 

Are oil changes more expensive for a BMW?

Overall, one thing’s clear: a BMW oil change is typically more expensive than service costs for most cars. An oil change for a typical mass-market car usually costs between $35 and $75—a price you’re unlikely to pay for any BMW oil change. 
That’s because BMWs are luxury cars that require high-quality oil and specialized filters. Maintaining a BMW means paying a higher rate for regular services, but it can ensure your car’s superior performance for years to come. 
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How often should a BMW get an oil change? 

You may have heard that you should get an oil change every 3,000 miles, but that’s not necessarily true with a BMW! Because BMWs use synthetic oil, the recommended interval for oil changes is typically longer. 
Check your owner’s manual for the exact service interval recommended for your BMW. In general, it’s a good idea to schedule an oil change for a BMW at least once a year or every 5,000 to 7,000 miles. Experts recommend checking your oil every other time you fill up the tank so you’ve got an idea of your engine’s health. 
In between services, keep an eye (and an ear!) out for any of these signs that your BMW needs an oil change: 
  • Unfamiliar engine noise
  • A smell of burning in your cabin 
  • An illuminated dashboard light

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